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Castle VPN Review – An OpenVPN Based VPN

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

Castle VPN is a privacy solution from a US based service provider. Established in 2011, the company’s goal is to provide a secure, usable and anonymous way to transmit data over the internet. This Castle VPN Review will focus on the key features offered by the service and recommend whether it is worth subscribing.

Server Locations and Site Access

Castle VPN has a presence in just one country – United States (the company’s gateways are located at Portland, Oregon). Although the lack of choice of server locations is indeed disappointing, the service is ideal for US expats, tourists and citizens from other countries who want to access US based content sites. The service makes it possible to unblock US based premium streaming sites such as Hulu, Xfinity, Pandora, NBC, Netflix, USA Network, Amazon Prime, Vudu, CWTV, HBO Go, CBS, TNT, NHL, Vevo, FOX, MLB and MTV from any location in the world. In addition, people travelling to locations like China, Middle East and Latin America would be able to bypass the local censorship laws and access frequently blocked sites like Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Gmail and YouTube from anywhere.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

Castle VPN does not restrict speed or bandwidth for its paid users. The company has deployed several 8-core servers that are connected to Multi-Gigabit nodes plus the service even accelerates download speeds through Multi threaded Internet Acceleration technology. This makes the service perfect for resource hungry activities like streaming of HD TV shows and movies, downloading, VOIP and video conferencing as well as online gaming.

Privacy Settings

Castle VPN secures data and privacy with military-grade, 256 bit encryption. The company relies on the OpenVPN protocol to deliver its service which is one of the most secure VPN protocols currently available. The service not only protects your data and online activities (browsing, emailing, VOIP, IM etc) from snooping and surveillance but it also secures your highly confidential data (bank login details, social accounts etc) from hackers when you are using an unsecured Wi-Fi network to connect to the internet.

The logging policy of the company is not clear. There is no information available regarding what kinds of details are being logged and for how long they are kept. However, the company does mention in its privacy policy that it will take reasonable steps within law to protect customer data from unauthorized use.

Supported Operating Systems

Castle VPN works with Windows, Mac, Linux, iPads, Android and iPhones. The company provides a customized version of OpenVPN software for Windows but other systems would need manual configuration. The company permits multiple simultaneous connections for premium account holders so it becomes possible to secure one’s desktop, laptop, tablet and Smartphone with just one VPN subscription.

Customer Support

Castle VPN offers customer support through a ticket based system. The support staff is based in United States so the US customers can get a swift reply to their queries.

Pricing Options

Castle VPN offers 3 different types of VPN plans – Basic, Standard and Premium. The basic plan is totally free but it comes with speed and bandwidth restrictions (speed capped at 10 Mbps) plus it cannot be shared across multiple devices. The Standard plan does not have speed or bandwidth restrictions but it cannot be shared between multiple devices. The Premium plan is the full-fledged VPN plan that comes with no restrictions plus it can be shared across several devices at once. The standard and premium plans are available from $7 per month and $16 per month respectively. The company also has a 7 day refund policy in place so you can test the service with total confidence. The company even accepts payments through bitcoins so it is possible to subscribe to the service anonymously.

Final Verdict

Overall, Castle VPN offers a satisfactory service. While the company does not provide any real choice of server locations and its premium plans are somewhat expensive, it provides military grade security to normal web users. We recommend the service to customers who need an IP address from US or those who want the best possible security for their online activities. For more information, please visit: www.castlevpn.com.

June 18, 2014

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