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BTGuard Review – Excellent Security And Privacy

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

BTGuard is a well-known security solution provider that offers privacy for bittorrenting activities. Founded in 2008, the service is brought to you by Netcrawled LLC which is a Canada based company. Initially the company offered only proxy solutions but since 2010 the company has been offering both VPN and proxy solutions to its customers. In this detailed BTGuard review, we check out the features offered by the BTGuard VPN service and explore the reasons why you should subscribe to the service.

Server Locations

BTGuard has VPN servers in Canada (Toronto), Netherlands (Amsterdam) and Singapore. The choice of server locations would help you to unblock location restricted services like CBC, MTV Canada, TSN, E!, Rara, Spotify, Deezer etc. from the above countries. The BTGuard anonymity solution would also help to unlock Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Gmail, YouTube, Blogger etc. from China and Middle Eastern countries where there is extreme internet censorship. While the company does not have servers in important VPN markets like US and UK, you need to remember that the service was designed to support torrenting activities from all locations which is not possible with US and UK servers.

Speed Limitations

BTGuard does not restrict or throttle internet speed for its subscribers. The company has excellent infrastructure including 10 GBit lines to provide best speeds even during peak hours. The service uses multi-homed bandwidth on multiple tier-one networks for optimal rerouting and content delivery. The support for torrenting makes it possible to share and download huge files without revealing your true IP address.

Privacy Rating

BTGuard uses 256-bit AES encryption to protect your privacy from hackers and ISPs. The company does not keep logs of its subscribers’ online sessions so you can browse and download content without leaving footprints. The service offers end-to-end security for your browsing, torrenting, FTP, VOIP and emailing sessions without compromising on your privacy. The service also secures your browsing and P2P sessions at Wi-Fi hotspots which are often vulnerable to security breaches.

Supported Systems

The BTGuard VPN service is available for almost all kinds of mobile and computing devices. The service offers support for mobiles and tablets (iPads, iPhones and Android devices) through PPTP protocol whereas the OpenVPN protocol is used for Windows, Linux and Mac based computers. The VPN client is easy to download and install; even people with less technical know-how can configure and start using the service almost immediately.

Customer Support

BTGuard offers customer support through email. Further, the company has published excellent tutorials for installation and troubleshooting common VPN problems on its official site which should help you to resolve many issues on your own.

Pricing Options

BTGuard’s unlimited VPN plans start from $9.95 per month. It is also possible to save money using BTGuard coupons and by subscribing to long term plans ($27.95 for 3 months, $49.95 for 6 months and $89.95 for 12 months). The company does not offer free trials or refunds so it is recommended that you subscribe to one month plan first to test their service. The company is one of the very few VPN providers that accept Bitcoins as payment.

Final Verdict

Overall, BTGuard is a decent VPN provider that performs well on most parameters. While the company does not have severs in important VPN markets, it provides excellent privacy and anonymity even for P2P activities. So if you are looking for a reliable VPN provider that offers unmatched security and service, make sure to check out BTGuard VPN. For more information, please visit: www.btguard.com.

May 30, 2013
  1. smtips said on June 26, 2013 4:06 am:

    They continue to try to bill me on an old card that no longer works, they have COMPLETELY IGNORED my requests in the last three weeks to stop this nonsense and just cancel the service. These people are criminals probably running all this through an automated billing system. There is no tech support at all (see my previous review). YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE BT GUARD.

  2. smtips said on June 19, 2013 3:53 pm:

    I would not buy this service again. I paid them for a one year plan, and I tried to contact them TWICE many months ago with a legitimate support question, and they completely ignored me. I refuse to do business with a company that has blatant disrespect for the people that pay them. If they can’t even ACKNOWLEDGE A SUPPORT QUESTION, regardless whether they can help with it, then they are simply a faceless ripoff company and I would NEVER pay them again for such ignorance.

    Do NOT buy from these people. They are claiming to provide support but do not have any. They are just taking people’s money and leaving them to fend for themselves. When I pay for something I expect at least an acknowledgement when I need to open a support ticket. Their support does not exist at all.

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