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Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Seychelles is a small island country near the African continent. Seychelles has one of the highest levels of Human Development Index (HDI) in Africa. The country is a popular tourist destination and tourism forms an important part of the overall Seychelles economy. The country has a low level of internet penetration since less than 45% of people are connected to the World Wide Web. In the article below, we look at some reasons and benefits of using a VPN in Seychelles.

Online Security and Privacy

This is by far the biggest reason why people use virtual private networks. With the online threats at an all time high, anxious web users are now using a number of security solutions to protect their data and privacy. A VPN is considered as the most secure privacy solution currently available since it offers unmatched level of data encryption. For those who access the internet primarily through Wi-Fi networks, using a VPN is even more essential since most public networks (at airports, malls and coffee shops) use a very primitive level of network security.

Access Country Restricted Sites And Services

Despite the internet being a global network, access to many premium websites is restricted only to a handful of countries. Many streaming video services, banks and shopping portals use a Country or IP based content delivery model to preserve their bandwidth and serve their customers in the best possible way.

However these restrictions often play a spoilsport for expats and tourists. Since expats and tourists use local ISPs to access the internet, their IP address is automatically blocked by the premium content providers. A VPN is considered as the best solution in such a scenario since it allows you to change your IP address within seconds.

Benefits of Using a VPN to Unlock GEOIP Restricted Sites

A Seychelles IP VPN helps expats and tourists from the country to unlock their bank accounts, streaming TV/video sites and shopping portals without revealing their real IP address. By using a Seychelles IP, even people from other geographical areas can access Seychelles only local content, videos and streaming services. Here are some premium sites from Seychelles that can easily be unblocked by using a Seychelles IP address:,,,,,,,,, and

A VPN is also necessary for tourists visiting Seychelles if they want to unlock services from their home countries. Since VPN providers often have servers in more than one country, you can easily unlock sites like Pandora, ABC, HBO Go, Amazon Video, iTV, BBC iPlayer, Fox, CBS, NBC, Netflix and Hulu by simply changing your IP address.

Bypass Censorship

VPNs also allow you to experience true online freedom. While Seychelles is not known for its censorship, you can use a VPN to bypass firewalls imposed by the authorities or organizations without revealing your IP address or the nature of the sites that you are visiting. A VPN subscription is also needed in countries like China, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar since these countries block a large number of websites. By using a VPN service, you can unlock Facebook, Skype, Gmail and YouTube from every country in the world even if it is blocked by the local authorities.

A VPN has become a must have security solution. Whether you want to bypass online restrictions or secure your data, you would be hard pressed to find a security solution that works as well as a virtual private network. So if you are ready to experience best possible online security and total online freedom, subscribe to a VPN plan today.

Best Seychelles IP VPN Services

If you are looking for a VPN service to use in Seychelles to unblock content from overseas or security measures, you can’t go wrong with the following choices:

May 22, 2013

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