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Break Portal VPN Review – Unlock Your Favorite Streaming Websites

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

Break Portal is a VPN and SmartDNS service provider which claims to open portals to entertainment from around the world. In this review, we’ll list down the features offered by the provider as well as recommend whether the service is worth subscribing.

Server Locations & Site Access – Currently, Break Portal has got servers at United States and United Kingdom. While the company doesn’t have servers in European or Asian territories, it’s VPN and SmartDNS (also known as Break Portal Dome) service is ideal for British and American expats who want to access GEO-IP restricted content. By switching to an American or British IP address provided by the company, it becomes easy to stream premium On-Demand services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, 4OD, HBO Now, ABC Player, Eurosport, NHL, Lovefilm, Xfinity, Demand 5, Pandora, CWTV, CBS, iTV Player, MLB, UK TV, Sky Go, Vudu, USA Network, Hulu, FOX, NBC, STV, MTV, HBO Go and Vevo from all geographical areas of the world. Additionally, the service helps you to bypass all forms of censorship and firewalls thereby allowing you to access your favorite social networking, emailing, VOIP and video sites from anywhere. So, if you want to access Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, Twitter, Skype, GTalk or Viber from your school, workplace or a censorship prone location like China, Middle East or Latin America; using Break Portal VPN would be a good option for you.

VPN Speed & Bandwidth – Break Portal offers ultra-fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth to its VPN and SmartDNS subscribers. Since the company doesn’t limit bandwidth or throttle speeds in any way, you would be able to watch high Definition movies and TV shows, download unlimited amount of content, use VOIP/video conferencing solutions as well as play MMORPG games without worrying about getting your monthly quota exhausted.

Privacy Settings – Break Portal uses 128-256 bit encryption and OpenVPN, L2TP and the latest Softether VPN protocol (available only for Windows OS) to secure your sessions. While L2TP and OpenVPN protocols have been around for some time and provide a reliable level of security, the Softether protocol allows you to bypass all types of firewalls and provides protection from deep packet inspection without compromising speeds in any way. The service not only offers protection from snooping, wiretapping and hacking on all types of networks (even insecure Wi-Fi networks) but also secures all kinds of online sessions (emailing, messaging, FTP, VOIP apart from browsing) with the click of a button.

Break Portal has not published its logging/privacy policy on its official website. Most VPN providers do record usage data (including date/time, connection time, bandwidth usage and even IP address) so the same should be assumed for Break Portal.

Supported Operating Systems – Break Portal VPN is compatible with Windows, iPhones, iPads, Mac, Android and DD-WRT routers. There is no pre-configured VPN client available so you need to set up the service manually. As far as the company’s SmartDNS service is concerned, it is compatible with a lot more systems/devices including Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Xbox, Roku, Playstation, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV and Chromecast plus there are clients available for Windows and Mac.

Customer Support – Break Portal offers customer support through live chat and tickets.

Pricing Options – Break Portal’s VPN service (inclusive of SmartDNS service) costs $9.90 a month and $47.40 for 6 months whereas its standalone SmartDNS solution is available for $4.99 a month and $29.90 for 7 months (one month free with six month subscription). While the company doesn’t offer money back guarantees for monthly or half-yearly plans, there is a $1 trial available which allows you to test the service for a week.

Final Verdict – It is clear that Break Portal takes your privacy and entertainment needs seriously. As for the downside, the company has servers at just two locations plus it doesn’t offer yearly plans. If you are looking for a secure and fast VPN or SmartDNS service to unlock your favorite sites and preserve your online privacy, I urge you to try Break Portal’s service today. For more information, please visit: www.breakportal.com.

January 26, 2016

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