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Betternet VPN Review – A Totally Free Privacy Solution

Monday, January 25th, 2016

Betternet is a 100% free privacy service which claims to offer the internet without boundaries. Launched by Vancouver based Betternet Technologies Inc., the solution is the most downloaded privacy software on CNet and is being used by almost 4.5 million active users. In this Betternet review, we will check out what makes this service so popular and whether it is worth using.

Server Locations & Site Access – Betternet has servers at multiple locations like United States, Canada, Europe (Germany) and Japan. The service makes it easy to bypass all types of online restrictions (as well as firewalls) and access services like YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, Twitter and Viber even if they have been blocked by your school, organization or local ISP (useful in countries like China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Brazil). The service automatically detects your location and connects you to nearest available server so you can also unlock streaming services like HBO Now, Spotify, Netflix, CWTV, Pandora, RTL, The Comedy Network, TV Japan, Hulu, HBO Go, Global TV, Amazon Prime, Eurosport, CBC, ABC Player, CBS, MLB, Star TV, Xfinity, Arte, USA Network, TV Tokyo, E!, MTV, Das Erste, City TV, Much Music, Spacecast, Vox, TV Asahi, ProSieben, Rara, CTV, NBC, Vudu, Bravo, FOX, TNT, NHL and Vevo. However, as of now, the service doesn’t offer a way to switch servers (the feature is likely to be introduced pretty soon) so you cannot stream On-Demand services as and when you want.

VPN Speed & Bandwidth – Although Betternet is a free VPN service, there are no speed or bandwidth restrictions associated with it. The service can be used for resource consuming activities like streaming of TV shows and movies, multiplayer gaming, VOIP and of course, downloading although subscribers are likely to experience slowdowns or buffering during peak hours. The provider even permits P2P and torrenting activities but it also complies with all DMCA requests.

Privacy Settings – Betternet secures your online sessions from surveillance, snooping, wiretapping as well as hacking. Since the provider uses OpenVPN as its default VPN protocol, you can experience very high level of privacy without paying anything. The service not only protects your personal details (social security number, credit card numbers, userid/passwords, social accounts) but also secures all kinds of online connections (messaging, emailing, VOIP, browsing etc.) automatically.

Betternet does not log or share personal identifiable information but it does record bandwidth usage and connection time. The company makes money by recommending apps to its users (through a small banner at the bottom of the screen) but it does not sell user data to third parties or marketing companies.

Supported Operating Systems – Betternet works on Windows, iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch and Android devices (Mac version is coming soon). The company offers clients/apps for all supported platforms so it is very easy to install and use the service. The company even offers Chrome and Firefox add-ons which allow you to secure your browsing sessions from any machine.

Customer Support – Despite being a free service, Betternet offers customer support via tickets. Additionally, it is also possible to contact the support staff directly through the app. The provider has also published solutions to common technical problems on its website so it is even possible to resolve minor issues without having to contact the support staff.

Pricing Options – As mentioned earlier, Betternet is absolutely free. The company doesn’t ask for credit card number or email address from its subscribers so you can use the service without sharing your personal details.

Final Verdict – Betternet is a great VPN solution for those who want to secure their privacy. However, the service is not the best GEO-IP unlocking solution available since there is no provision to change servers (at least at the time of our review). If you are looking for a no-frills privacy solution that doesn’t cost anything, do check out Betternet VPN. For the most detailed information regarding Betternet service, check out their website at: www.betternet.co.

January 25, 2016

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