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5 of the Best VPNs for VOIP

Friday, August 1st, 2014

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) offers an extremely affordable way to communicate with our loved ones and business partners. However, a lot of countries (especially Middle Eastern and Latin American nations) have blocked VOIP services within their borders to prevent information exchange or to protect the revenues of the telecom companies. If you want to use VOIP services like Skype from such locations then you must use a dependable Virtual private Network service. Besides allowing you to bypass firewalls and censorship, VPNs also protect VOIP sessions from snooping and hacking attacks. Here is a list of top 5 VPN services that offer great speeds and bandwidth to support VOIP services:

1) VyprVPN (www.goldenfrog.com/vyprvpn)

VyprVPN is a privacy product from Golden Frog Inc., a company that specializes in delivering privacy and security solutions to its users. The company has a presence in 40 countries and it owns and operates its VPN server network which makes it possible for the company to deliver unrestricted speeds and bandwidth to customers. Although the company is from US, it does not log personally identifiable data (such as IP address). VyprVPN’s plans are available for $9.99/ month and the provider even offers a 3 day free trial.

2) IPVanish (www.ipvanish.com)

IPVanish is a US based privacy provider that has quickly established itself in the competitive VPN market. The company has a presence in 56 countries which allows it to deliver a fast and reliable service. Moreover, the service delivers unlimited speeds and bandwidth to all customers which makes it well suited for VOIP activities. And although the company logs IP addresses, it does not hand it over to authorities unless there is a legal requirement. IPVanish’s monthly plans cost $10 per month and the company even has a 7 day refund policy in place.

3) Invisible Browsing VPN (www.ibvpn.com)

ibVPN is a Romanian company that has been in the market since 2010. The company has 60+ servers in 24 different countries and it offers unlimited speeds and bandwidth to its customers. To prevent information exchange, ibVPN encrypts data through secure protocols and logs minimum connection details for a period of 7 days. ibVPN subscription plans are available for $7.95 per month and the company even has a 15-day refund policy in place.

4) VPN4ALL (www.vpn4all.com)

VPN4ALL is a premium privacy solution from a Seychelles based company. The company boasts of gateways in 50 countries and it also provides military grade (256 bit) encryption to its customers. The company has great infrastructure in place (with servers connected to Gigabit nodes) which allows it to deliver really fast speeds and up to 99.999% uptime. The company offers both limited (50 GB per month) and unlimited bandwidth plans and even uses data compression to deliver faster speeds to mobile customers. VPN4ALL’s privacy plans are available for $9.95/month and the company even offers a 100 MB free trial and 30 day money-back guarantee.

5) PureVPN (www.purevpn.com)

PureVPN is a really popular VPN solution that has been providing privacy services since 2007. PureVPN has servers in 26 countries and the company owns and maintains its own server network and infrastructure. The company’s server network is connected to Gigabit+ nodes which allows it to deliver fast speeds and unrestricted bandwidth for demanding activities like VOIP. PureVPN’s plans are available for $9.95 per month and the company even has a 3-day refund policy in place.

August 1, 2014

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