Best VPN Service
  • Best Bangladesh VPN Service

    There is a significant amount of online censorship in Bangladesh. The authorities have blocked many sites that are deemed politically sensitive or offensive to people’s religious sentiments. At one time, even popular sites like Facebook and YouTube were banned in the country for hosting offensive content.

  • Best Barbados VPN Service

    Barbados has an above average rate of internet penetration since almost 75% of its population has access to the internet. In this article, you will discover why you must use a VPN in Barbados and learn about some VPN providers that work well from within the beautiful country.

  • Best Belarus VPN Service

    Belarus is known for its severe censorship of media, press, Television, music and the internet. The extreme censorship has forced many people to use anonymity solutions such as VPNs to protect themselves from the government.

  • Best Belgium VPN Service

    The Belgian Government is known for banning websites through DNS blocking. The web censorship is also common in Middle Eastern countries where VOIP sites like Skype are blocked and in countries like China where a lot of mainstream sites like Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger are blocked. Many organizations, schools and universities implement their own version of censorship by blocking instant messaging, P2P and social networking sites.

  • Best Bosnia and Herzegovina VPN Service

    The internet penetration in Bosnia is much better than many European countries since over 65% of its population has access to the internet. In this informative article, you will learn the benefits of using a VPN service in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as discover how using a VPN would allow you to access your favorite content.

  • Best Brazilian VPN Service

    The Brazilian tourists, expats, business travelers and students settled abroad suffer the most due to such restrictions as they are not able to withdraw money, watch their favorite shows or buy something online. Even people from other countries who might be interested in watching telenovelas, live Brazilian carnival or soccer matches are often unable to access the desired contentjust because their IP address is not from Brazil.

  • Best Brunei VPN Service

    Due to the extremely high level of censorship in Brunei, it is essential to use an anti-censorship tool while connecting to the internet. Since a VPN secures your online activities with a tunnel, you can use it to bypass the censorship and surveillance deployed by the Brunei authorities. Once you start using a VPN, you can access blocked portals and post your opinions without worrying about the consequences.

  • Best Bulgaria VPN Service

    The Bulgarian ISPs routinely block websites that promote counterfeiting, piracy and hateful content. Likewise many countries are known to block VOIP, social networking and politically motivated sites. Even many organizations, schools and universities block sites that could harm their interests.

  • Best Cambodian VPN Service

    A VPN allows Cambodian citizens and tourists visiting the country to access blocked websites and post their opinions online without facing any kind of backlash from the authorities. Since VPNs engulf your online sessions with a tunnel of security, your activities and personal details remain hidden from the Cambodian authorities.

  • Best Cameroon VPN Service

    The government of Cameroon has a strong control over the print and electronic media. The press does not enjoy a lot of freedom in the country since the government has punished many journalists for publishing politically sensitive opinions. The online censorship is not as extensive in Cameroon but the government did try to ban Twitter to suppress political opinions.

  • Best Canadian VPN Service

    A virtual private network (VPN) is a security solution that can help us to safeguard our privacy and anonymity online. Read on to discover why VPNs are absolutely necessary these days and why a Canada IP VPN has become essential for those who want to access Canadian web content online.

  • Best Cayman Islands VPN Service

    When tourists and expats land in the country, they are unable to watch their favorite TV shows and movies online, log into their bank accounts or even buy something from their preferred ecommerce portals. This happens because a lot of the premium websites are targeted towards visitors from a particular country and your local Caymanian IP address won’t be able to get past the GEO-IP restrictions