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Best VPN Services for the Six Strikes Program

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

The Six Strikes Program of the Copyright Alert System is in full effect by companies such as Comcast, Cablevision, AT&T,  Time Warner, and Verizon. The system is designed to clamp down on online piracy and dissuade users from participating in peer to peer sharing and torrenting activities. While your Internet Service Provider (ISP) wouldn’t throttle your internet speed or cut off your internet access if you share copyrighted files, they will send you alerts for each copyright violation. After five messages have been served, you will see a permanent message in your browser and you will need to call your ISP to get it removed.

Since your internet connectivity itself is at stake due to Six Strikes program, it makes sense to explore options available to beat the system. While there are many ways to bypass the Six Strikes program, using a virtual private network is perhaps the best way to beat the system. By using a VPN, you would be able to encrypt your online activities and will protect you from allowing others the ability to detect the names of the sites that you are visiting. Since there are hundreds of VPN providers out there, let us explore the top 5 VPNs available to beat Comcast Six Strikes program.

1) HideMyAss
HideMyAss is one of the biggest and most popular VPN services on the internet. The company has extensive network of VPN servers in more than 50 countries designed to protect your privacy and help you to surf anonymously. Their VPN plans work with most devices (including iPads and iPhones), browsers and applications (including bittorrent clients). What’s more, the VPN plans offered by HideMyAss do not have any kind of bandwidth limits and are quite affordable so you can beat 6 strikes system with ease. Visit site: hidemyass.com

2) IPVanish
Even though IPVanish is a new VPN provider, it has quickly established itself in the crowded VPM market. The company offers IP addresses from more than 40 countries which helps you to secure your privacy and anonymity online. IPVanish works with most tablets, laptops and smartphones and helps you to secure each and every application that connects to the internet. Moreover, the company does not impose any bandwidth limits so you don’t have to make a compromise on your online activities. Visit site: ipvanish.com

3) StrongVPN
StrongVPN is one of the oldest VPN providers in the market. The company has a well established network of VPN servers in 20 countries and it allows you carry out your web activities without compromising on anonymity or speed. StrongVPN works well with Windows, Mac and Android and it has several excellent VPN plans to cater to a majority of internet users. Visit site: strongvpn.com

4) proXPN
proXPN is another VPN provider that can help you to beat the Copyright Alert System. The company has VPN servers in 4 countries and uses a very high level of encryption to protect its users’ online activities. proXPN VPN plans are ideal for use from laptops, smartphones and tablets and it has excellent infrastructure in place to support file sharing and torrenting. Visit site: proXPN.com

5) HideIPVPN
HideIPVPN is another great service that allows you to beat Comcast Six Strikes Program. The company offers IP addresses from 5 different countries and also offers a free web proxy with every subscription. HideIPVPN works well with iPads, iPhones, most laptops and Android based systems so you can protect your privacy regardless of the device you use to connect to the internet. HideIPVPN VPN plans are really affordable which means you can bypass ISP monitoring without spending a lot of money. Visit site: HideIPVPN.com

April 9, 2013

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