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Thursday, December 19th, 2013

Uruguay is one of the most prosperous and developed nations in Latin America. The economy of the country is largely dependent on agriculture, exports, services, tourism and financial sectors. Uruguay also ranks high as far as the rate of internet penetration is concerned since more than 55% of its citizens use the internet on a regular basis. In this informative article, we will explain the benefits of using a VPN in Uruguay as well as list down some service providers that offer a VPN service in the region.

3 Benefits Of Using A VPN In Uruguay

1) Protect Your Data And Online Activities – Even as the internet and web enabled services continue to conquer new frontiers, the online security challenges are growing as well. The cyber criminals continue to discover new vulnerabilities in the existing security systems and use them to steal data and money from unsuspecting web users. A VPN can help you to keep all web based security threats away in multiple ways:

– Using a VPN is the best way to secure your unprotected wireless sessions at malls, airports, parks, libraries, book shops and hotels. The Wi-Fi hotpots at most public places do not use adequate security measures and as a result that have become quite popular with hackers and data snoopers. However, once you start using a VPN; your online sessions remain safe from all kinds of security threats.

– In addition, a VPN can help you to safeguard your sensitive data and remain immune from data, money and identity theft. Due to the strong encryption measures used by most VPN service providers, it is almost impossible for criminals to steal your data or misuse your personal details.

2) Unlock County Specific Premium Content – These days, a lot of content providers use IP based restrictions to secure their content. As a part of these restrictions, content providers check the IP address of all visitors and deliver content only to those visitors who are accessing their websites or apps from certain countries or geographical areas. These measures help the banks and shopping websites to prevent fraudulent transactions as well as help the streaming media services to protect their copyrights across different countries.

However, the location based content restrictions also prevent some genuine customers, such as expats and tourists, from accessing their favorite web enabled services from abroad. A VPN can act as a lifesaver in such a situation since it allows you to change your IP address with the click of a button. Here are some ways in which a VPN allows you to unblock your favorite websites:

– With the help of an American or European VPN service, tourists and expats in Uruguay (as well as local citizens) can unlock premium streaming websites like Hulu, Lovefilm, Netflix, MLB, USA Network, Amazon Prime, Eurosport, Pandora, CTV, Vudu, HBO Go, CBS, Demand 5, iTV, 4OD, Xfinity, BBC iPlayer, NBC, ABC, CBC, NHL, CWTV and Fox. In addition, expats and tourists can access their banking websites and transfer money without risking the security of their accounts.

– For Uruguay citizens who travel abroad frequently, using a Uruguay IP VPN is essential for unblocking websites from their home country. Once you switch to an Uruguay IP address, it becomes very easy to unblock sites such as,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and from any region in the world.

3) Get Rid Of Online Censorship – Online surveillance and censorship continues to grow at an alarming rate throughout the world. Although there is almost negligible level of state sponsored censorship in Uruguay, a VPN subscription is desirable for many reasons:

– A VPN allows you to bypass the censorship imposed by organizations and educational institutions in Uruguay. A lot of companies block social media websites within their premises but once you start using a VPN, you can bypass all firewalls and restrictions without getting noticed by the network administrators.

– Having a VPN subscription is also essential for Uruguay citizens who are planning to visit Brazil, China or Middle Eastern countries. Unlike Uruguay, the level of online censorship and surveillance in these countries is very high so you would need to use a VPN even to unblock popular sites like Facebook, Skype, Gmail, Twitter and YouTube.

Best Uruguay IP VPN Service

If you are looking for Uruguay VPN service, the following VPN providers offer a Uruguay IP VPN server:

Best Uruguay VPN Services

If you wish to unblock international web based services from within Uruguay, there are several reliable VPN providers available:


A VPN is one of the most user friendly and robust security tools available in the market today. By subscribing to a VPN service, you can not only secure your data but also access content that is not available within Uruguay. So if you want to experience total online security and freedom, subscribing to a reliable VPN service should be your top priority.

December 19, 2013
  1. Javier said on August 13, 2014 6:33 pm:

    Could you let me know how to set up an IP from Uruguay? It only provides me with IP from United States, Japan, etc. but not from Uruguay

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