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Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Trinidad and Tobago is an island country in South America which is also considered a part of the Caribbean. The country is a high income economy and is also one of the most developed countries in the Caribbean region. However, unlike other Caribbean nations, the economy of TrinidadandTobago is not dependent on tourism sector alone; instead the country has well-developed petroleum, exports and financial services sectors. The country also ranks well as far as internet penetration among total population is concerned since almost 60% of its population is connected to the internet. In this article, you will learn why you need a VPN in Trinidad and Tobago and how using a VPN would guarantee online freedom and security.

Unlock Location Restricted Content – Although a vast majority of internet sites can be accessed from anywhere, there are a handful of premium sites that are available only to people residing in certain countries. Most On-Demand streaming services, banking sites and ecommerce portals fall under this category and their content providers make sure that the content is served to the customers only if their IP address happens to be from the list of approved countries. However, the drawback of this system is that even genuine customers and subscribers are deprived of the services while they are travelling or residing in another country for some time.

A VPN is an excellent tool to bypass location based restrictions and access premium sites from anywhere. This is made possible due to the fact that a VPN can also act as an IP changing tool that allows you to select an IP address from a country of your choice. Once you have changed your IP address, the possibilities are truly endless:

For tourists and expats visiting Trinidad and Tobago, using a VPN is an excellent way to unlock streaming sites like Lovefilm, BBC iPlayer, HBO Go, NBC, Amazon Prime, CTV, Xfinity, Pandora, CBC, CBS, MLB, 4OD, ABC, iTV, CWTV, USA Network, Eurosport, Hulu, Netflix, Vudu, NHL, Demand 5 and Fox from within the country.

A VPN subscription is not only necessary for foreigners who are visiting Trinidad and Tobago, it is also essential for Trinidad and Tobago citizens who are travelling abroad and wish to unlock banking, shopping, news and entertainment sites from their home country. You just need to subscribe to a VPN plan that offers a TrinidadandTobago IP address and you would be able to unlock sites like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and from any location in the world.

Safeguard Your Privacy And Anonymity – The popularity of the internet and web enabled services has also given rise to millions of online security threats. What is scarier is the fact that most netizens don’t have a clue of these threats and they don’t even want to learn more about how to protect themselves. So it is not really a surprise to see cyber criminals taking advantage of this situation and stealing data and money from vulnerable users.

Using a VPN is a great way to protect your online activities from unscrupulous elements. Since a VPN encrypts your data and engulfs your online sessions with a secure tunnel, you can log into bank accounts, shop online and use social networking sites without compromising your personal details. What’s more, VPNs also come with Wi-Fi protection so you can use the low security wireless networks at malls, cafes, hotels, airports and libraries with total peace of mind.

Bypass Firewalls – There is not much evidence of government censorship in Trinidad and Tobago. Even then, it is possible that your company or educational institution may censor or block inappropriate content through their firewalls. Here again, a VPN acts like a lifesaver and helps you to unlock content blocked by ISPs or network administrators.

In addition, a VPN is necessary for Trinidad and Tobago citizens when they visit a country that imposes strict censorship upon its citizens. For instance, nations such as China, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Brazil block many popular sites like Gmail, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Skype and Google Talk and using a VPN is often the only way to unlock these sites without revealing your true IP address or other personal details.

Best Trinidad and Tobago VPN Service

If you want to unlock premium content from US or Europe within Trinidad and Tobago, subscribe to the American and European VPN plans from:


As it can be seen from above paragraphs, there are several reasons why using a VPN makes sense in Trinidad and Tobago. While there is little censorship in Trinidad and Tobago, the unavailability of premium websites as well as online security concerns warrant the use of Virtual Private Networks. Even though most VPN services are not free; the security, privacy and content accessibility that comes with a VPN subscription justifies the small subscription price.

November 22, 2013

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