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Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Taiwan is an economic powerhouse with a strong export driven economy. The country witnessed an amazing economic growth in the 20th century due to which it is now considered as one of the biggest economies in Asia. Taiwan has an above average level of internet penetration and more than 70% of its population uses the internet on a daily basis. Read on to discover the benefits of using a VPN in Taiwan.

Bypassing Firewalls and Censorship

The Taiwanese authorities are renowned for enforcing strict censorship laws in the country. The authorities are quick to block sites that contain politically sensitive content or are deemed as a threat to the national security. A VPN is an advanced anonymity solution that allows you to bypass all firewalls without revealing your details like real IP address or identity. So if you want to access blocked sites in Taiwan without raising any alarm, using a VPN is your best bet. A VPN is also needed when you visit mainland China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE since many popular websites like YouTube, Skype, Facebook and Gmail are not accessible over there. In short, a VPN allows you to access every website from any place in the world even if it is blocked by ISP, school or organization.

Unlock Country Restricted Content

Censorship by the government is not the only type of restriction that netizens have to face online; many content providers block access based on the IP address and country of their visitors. The location based content delivery model is usually followed by banks, streaming audio/video sites and shopping portals to ensure that their customers can access the sites without facing any security threats or bandwidth issues.

However, these restrictions also prevent genuine customers from accessing the content if they happen to be out of the country. Expats, students located abroad and tourists have to face the brunt of such restrictions since their IP address is automatically blocked by content providers. A VPN can also act as an IP changing service and allows you to access country restricted content from anywhere.

Using a VPN to Unblock location Based Sites and Services

With a Taiwan IP VPN, Taiwanese expats and tourists can easily unlock their bank accounts, streaming TV sites and shopping services even while on the move. A VPN providing Taiwanese IP address also allows people from other countries to watch local Taiwanese content online that is not available outside the country. By subscribing to a Taiwan VPN service, you can unlock premium sites like:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

A VPN also helps in unlocking content from several different countries. Since a majority of VPN providers have VPN servers in more than one country, you can easily unlock sites like HBO Go, Amazon Prime, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, ABC, iTV Player, Netflix, CBS, Fox, Pandora, CTV and NBC right from within Taiwan.

Security in Cyberspace

Online security threats are considered as the biggest challenge facing web users and security experts. Since most net users are not aware of latest security threats, hackers are able to steal data and money with ease. A VPN provides bulletproof security that allows you to secure your online activities and protect your passwords, bank login details and social accounts. A VPN provides unmatched security and protects your data even at low security Wi-Fi networks (common at airports, universities and hotels).

A VPN is one of the most robust security solutions available in the market today. With the help of a VPN, you can forget about online threats and censorship and experience web like never before. So if you care about online security and freedom, consider subscribing to a VPN today.

Best Taiwan IP VPN Services

If you are looking for a Taiwan-specific IP VPN Address Service, the following are some of the best out there:

  1. HideMyAss
  2. Overplay VPN

Best Taiwan VPN In-Country Services

If you are looking for a VPN service to use in Taiwan to unblock content from overseas or security measures, you can’t go wrong with the following choices:

May 22, 2013

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