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Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Sweden is one of the biggest Scandinavian countries with a highly developed economy. Sweden consistently ranks high on world’s democracy index, human development index and economic competitiveness. Even though its manufacturing sector dominates its economy and exports, Telecommunications and services sector play an important role in the Swedish economy.

Sweden has one of the highest rates of internet connectivity in the world with over 91% of population having access to the internet. Even though there is minimal online censorship in Sweden, the authorities have the power to block sites that encourage online piracy or hate speech. Read on to discover how a Sweden IP VPN can help you to experience total freedom on the internet.

Access Local Swedish Content From All Countries

While a majority of the websites available on the internet can be accessed from anywhere, certain sites are tailor made for citizens from specific countries. Banks, streaming video portals and ecommerce sites are at the forefront when it comes to delivering content according to user location is concerned. This delivery method helps these providers to maintain a tight control over who can access their sites as well as serve their customers in a much better way.

As you can imagine, these measures could prove counterproductive when customers try to access these sites from a different country or region. A VPN is great way to bypass location checks since it allows you to change IP address at the click of a button. Here are some more benefits of using a VPN to access location restricted content:

  • By using a Swedish IP VPN, Swedish expats, tourists and frequent fliers can access their bank and PayPal accounts, shop from their usual shopping sites and watch their favorite TV shows even when they are outside the country. With the help of a Swedish IP address, even people from other locations can unblock local Swedish TV shows and live events that are not available outside Sweden. Just by changing your IP address to a Swedish one, you can unlock content from sites like,,,,,, swedbank.sem,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and
  • A VPN is also a great tool to unblock content from more than one country. By using a VPN, Swedish citizens as well as expats and tourists visiting the country can unblock sites like Hulu, Amazon Prime, 4OD, BBC iPlayer, Pandora, Netflix etc. right from within Sweden.

Securing Your Internet Connection

In the age of digital frauds and online scams, securing our internet connection and protecting online privacy should be of paramount importance. However a lot of internet users are simply clueless on how to protect their computers from malware, spyware and hacking attacks. Using a VPN provides a tremendous boost to online security and privacy since it allows you to:

  • Secure your wireless connections at malls, airports and cafes. Most public Wi-Fi networks do not use a high level of security so it is possible that hackers may use them to steal your information.
  • Protect your passwords, bank login details and other important information. Since most VPN providers offer at least 128 bit of encryption, it is highly difficult for hackers and cyber criminals to steal your money, data or identity.

Evading Censorship

In the last few years, more and more governments have introduced measures to censor content on the internet. With a VPN connection, it is easy to bypass many kinds of firewalls as listed below:

  • VPNs allow circumventing censorship measures imposed by Swedish ISPs, organizations and universities. To get around these firewalls without revealing your personal details or IP address, all you need to do is choose an IP address from a different location.
  • A VPN also helps Swedish citizens when they visit a country that is well known for its censorship. The authorities in China and Middle East usually implement a very heavy level of censorship so even popular sites like Twitter, Facebook, Skype etc. cannot be accessed from there. Using a VPN is about the only way to bypass such firewalls in a secure way so that you are not punished for violating local laws.

Best Sweden IP VPN Service

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Best Sweden VPN In-Country Services

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April 24, 2013

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