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Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Sri Lanka is an island country in the South East Asia that is famous for its natural beauty and tea. The country, which is also referred to as “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”, is largely dependent on tourism, exports, agriculture and services sector for its growth. However, Sri Lanka still lags behind in overall internet connectivity and just over 18% of its population has access to the internet. In this article, we will discuss the importance of using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) in Sri Lanka and suggest some VPN providers that work well from within the island country.

Why Use a VPN in Sri Lanka?

1) Get Rid Of Firewalls And Censorship – There is substantial level of internet censorship in Sri Lanka. The country was home to a 3 decade long civil war (fought against Tamil separatists) so the authorities are quick to block any website that seems to sympathize with the Tamil cause or highlights the plight of Tamilians in the country. In addition, the government has blocked thousands of adult websites protect children and women and to prevent the moral decay of the society. Since 2011, the government has also started blocking news and political websites that portray the President or the government in poor light.

In view of such extensive censorship in Sri Lanka, using a VPN makes sense for several reasons:

– A VPN helps you to unlock the sites blocked by Sri Lankan government, ISPs, organizations and educational institutions. A VPN works by creating a tunnel around your web sessions so even your ISP or network administrator won’t be aware of the sites that you are visiting.

– Subscribing to a VPN is also essential for those Sri Lankans who travel outside the country and wish to access their favorite email, video and networking sites from abroad. Since countries like Saudi Arabia, China, Qatar, Brazil, Bahrain and Kuwait impose severe restrictions on the internet, using a VPN is often the safest way to access Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Google Talk, YouTube and Gmail without getting noticed by the authorities of these countries.

2) Access GEO-IP Locked Content – With the increase in broadband speeds, we have witnessed the emergence of streaming audio/video sites. These streaming sites make it easy to access your favorite music, movies and TV shows at a time convenient to you. However, most of these services won’t be accessible when you travel outside your home country. The content providers use GEO-IP targeting to lock access to the content only to people accessing the website from specific countries or geographical areas. Such locking features are even used by many commercial banks and shopping websites to thwart fraudulent transactions and serve their genuine customers better.

Since the location based website restrictions prevents expats, tourists and students studying overseas from accessing their favorite streaming, banking and shopping sites, there is a need for an unlocking solution that allows people to access their favorite content without bothering about their location. A VPN is an excellent unlocking solution for such needs since it allows you to change your IP address and access any website from anywhere. Here are some examples that highlight the benefits of a VPN as an IP changing solution:

– A VPN helps tourists and expats visiting Sri Lanka to access sites such as MLB, Lovefilm, CWTV, ABC, USA Network, CBC, HBO Go, Xfinity, Demand 5, BBC iPlayer, NHL, Eurosport, Amazon Prime, Hulu, CBS, 4OD, Netflix, CTV, Fox, Pandora, iTV, NBC and Vudu right from within the country.

– A Sri Lanka IP VPN allows Sri Lankan expats and tourists to unlock websites from their home country. By changing your IP address to a Sri Lankan IP, it becomes easy to unlock all the features of Sri Lankan sites like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

3) Online Security Solution – If you have interest in technology related news, you might be aware that the number of online security threats is constantly on the rise. However, most of the internet users are ill equipped to deal with the latest security challenges. This lack of awareness helps the hackers and criminals to steal data and money from unsuspecting internet users. A VPN is one of the best security solutions available today since it allows you to secure your privacy in many ways:

– If you are among those people who love to connect to the web through public Wi-Fi hotspots, you should be aware that there are significant security challenges associated with them. When people connect to these Wi-Fi networks without using any kind of security mechanism, it is easy for hackers and sniffers to steal their data since the data is visible to everyone connected to the network. But when you use a VPN to protect yourself, your data becomes completely hidden from cyber criminals who might be looking for their next prey.

– Due to the strong level of encryption used by most VPN providers, using a VPN is a good idea while logging into your bank website, using your credit cards online or while connecting to your favorite social network. The encryption protects you against monetary, data and identity theft without sacrificing efficiency or productivity.

Best Sri Lanka VPN Service

If you want to access premium US or European content from within Sri Lanka, there are many reliable VPN providers available:


As it can be seen from above paragraphs, there are several benefits of using a VPN in Sri Lanka (as well as other countries). Since the level of censorship in Sri Lanka is very high, it makes sense to use a VPN to circumvent the censorship as well as to access your favorite streaming websites. Even though a little investment is required to subscribe to a reliable VPN service, the benefits are well worth the cost of subscription.

December 11, 2013

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