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Thursday, December 19th, 2013

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of United States. The Puerto Rican economy is considered as one of the most competitive economies in the Latin America region with the manufacturing, exports, finance, real estate, insurance and tourism sectors contributing the most to the overall revenue. The country also fares well as far as the rate of internet penetration is considered since more than 50% of its citizens use the internet on a regular basis. Learn why you must use a VPN while visiting Puerto Rico and which VPN vendors offer the best service within the region.

Unlock Your Favorite Websites

If you love to watch your favorite TV shows and movies online, you might be aware that a majority of the On-Demand streaming services can only be accessed from certain countries (or geographical areas). The content providers rely on the IP address of the visitors to determine their location and allow them to access the content only if the IP address clears the location checks. These location based restrictions are also used by many banking websites and ecommerce portals as a safety measure to prevent fraudulent transactions.

A VPN allows you to change your IP address and access your favorite streaming, banking and shopping websites from any country. Here are some examples of how a VPN subscription can help you to unlock content:

– Since Puerto Rico is considered as a part of the US territory, many On-Demand American sites can be freely accessed from within the region. For instance, the Netflix Watch service allows Puerto Ricans to watch their favorite American movies and TV shows without changing their IP address. However, it is worthwhile to note that even if a particular On-Demand streaming service is available within Puerto Rico, the content available within the region may differ significantly from what is available within the mainland United States. With the help of a VPN service, tourists and expats as well as the citizens of the territory can unlock USA Network, BBC iPlayer, NBC, Amazon Prime, CBC, iTV, MLB, Demand 5, CTV, Lovefilm, Vudu, Eurosport, ABC, Hulu, CWTV, Netflix, HBO Go, CBS, NHL, Xfinity, 4OD, Pandora and Fox and access the same content that is available within mainland US or European countries.

– In addition, a Puerto Rico IP VPN service allows the citizens to unlock premium websites from the territory from abroad. Once you get a Puerto Rico IP address, it becomes easy to unlock websites like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and from any country in the world.

Bypass All Kinds Of Surveillance and Censorship

Since the legal system of Puerto Rico is based on the US laws, the authorities can use surveillance and monitoring techniques just like their US counterparts. In such a scenario, using a VPN makes sense for several reasons:

– By using a VPN, you can get rid of online firewalls and surveillance and keep your browsing habits safe from the Puerto Rican authorities. Since a VPN works by creating a secure tunnel around your online sessions, your personal details such as IP address and identity remain safe at all times.

– A VPN subscription is also needed if you wish to access your favorite social networking, video and emailing sites from abroad. Since the governments of China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Kuwait use extreme censorship measures and block even popular websites like Skype, Blogger, YouTube, Twitter, Gmail and Facebook, it becomes essential to use an anti-censorship tool like a VPN to access blocked websites without revealing your personal details to the local authorities.

Protect Your Privacy And Anonymity

In these wired times, more and more people are using the internet for performing day-to-day activities. However, most online users are not aware of the security threats that lurk at every corner of the internet. Due to the lack of security awareness prevalent within the online community, criminals are able to strike at will and steal sensitive data from unsuspecting users. A VPN can help you to secure your data and privacy in multiple ways:

– If you frequently shop online, use net banking facilities or connect with your friends through social networks, a VPN service can help you to secure your social accounts, credit card numbers as well as login/password details of all other websites. By deploying strong encryption techniques, your VPN provider ensures that your private data doesn’t fall into wrong hands.

– Using a VPN is also mandatory while connecting to the Wi-Fi networks at malls, airports, parks, coffee shops and hotels. Since the public wireless networks use minimal security measures, it is essential to use a reliable VPN subscription to protect your data, money and identity and remain safe from hackers and data sniffing programs.

Best Puerto Rico VPN Services

If you want to unlock premium websites from around the world from within Puerto Rico, you can choose from the following vendors:


Although the internet is not heavily censored in Puerto Rico, there are many other reasons for using a VPN within the territory. By using a VPN service, you can remain safe from government and institutional snooping as well as access premium websites of your choice. So if you long for total online freedom and privacy of your data, subscribe to a dependable VPN service as soon as possible.

December 19, 2013

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