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Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Oman is one of the most developed countries in the Arabian Peninsula. Oman’s booming oil sector is the main contributor to the country’s economy and it also attracts expats from all around the world. Oman has above average level of internet penetration with over 65% of its citizens having access to the internet. Read on to discover how an Oman VPN plan can help you to access your favorite sites from anywhere.

Access Oman Restricted Content

A lot of people are not aware of this but many web content providers impose geographical restrictions while delivering content to their visitors. Most banks, ecommerce sites and streaming TV and video sites use this content delivery method to conserve their valuable bandwidth and serve their customers in a better way.

However this form of content delivery is not the best solution for people who travel around the globe. A VPN allows you to change your IP address and helps you to get around country based restrictions in several ways:

  • Since Oman is home to lots of expats, using a VPN allows them to access content from their home countries. It also allows Omani citizens and tourists visiting the country for a short period of time to access content that would otherwise not be available in the country due to IP based restrictions. By choosing a VPN from appropriate country, you would be able to unblock sites like Netflix, 4OD, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Pandora etc. right from Oman.
  • By using an Oman IP VPN, Omani citizens can log into their bank accounts, shop from their favorite shopping sites and watch their favorite Omani TV shows even if they happen to be out of the country. A VPN also allows people from other countries who might be interested in Omani culture to unlock sites that are meant exclusively for Omani citizens. By having an Oman IP address, you would be able to unblock sites like,,,,,,,,,,,, and

Bypass Censorship in Oman

Online censorship is slowly but surely spreading its wings around the world. A VPN allows you to circumvent firewalls and censorship in several ways:

  • The Omani authorities impose a severe form of internet censorship since they block many sites for religious, political and ideological reasons. In addition, the authorities also keep a close watch on social media content and encourage self-censorship. By using a VPN, you can easily bypass the censorship imposed by Omani authorities without revealing your personal details or IP address.
  • A VPN also helps Omani citizens when they visit a country notorious for its censorship. If you happen to visit a country like China then you will have to use a VPN to access sites like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube since they are blocked over there. Moreover, using a VPN protects you from legal troubles and future reprisals since it would be next to impossible for your ISP to monitor your online activities.

Security And Privacy Solution

For security conscious people, VPN remains the ultimate security and privacy solution. Using a VPN helps you to:

  • Secure your emails, passwords and financial details so that you don’t fall prey to scams or identify theft.
  • Use public Wi-Fi networks without worrying about getting hacked. The wireless networks available at airports, cafes and malls have very low level of security so you need to secure your connection before using them.

A VPN is the best friend for those who value their security and online freedom. If you want to enjoy secure and disruption free internet connectivity then using a VPN is highly recommended. Even though VPNs are not free, the convenience and peace of mind that comes with a VPN plan cannot be matched by other security solutions.

Best Oman VPN Service

If you are looking for a VPN service to use in Oman to unblock content from overseas or security measures, you can’t go wrong with the following choices:

April 25, 2013

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