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Thursday, November 21st, 2013

North Korea is an East Asian country which is also known as the “hermit kingdom” due to its isolation from the rest of the world. The economy of the country is tightly controlled by the government and international trade activities are highly restricted from the country. While the manufacturing, services and agriculture sectors contribute the most to the economy, the country also derives some revenue from tourism industry. In this article, we will explore the reasons for using a VPN in North Korea and list down some providers that work well from within the country.

Bypass Censorship – The North Korean government maintains 100% control over print and electronic media. The country ranks as the worst offender in the list of Internet enemies prepared by “Reporters Without Borders”. The internet penetration in the country is almost negligible and less than 4% of the total population has access to the internet. In addition, the internet access is highly restricted and the global internet as we know it, is available only to a select few government officials and foreigners staying in hotels. The majority of internet users can only connect to the local version of the internet, known as Kwangmyong, which was created by the government to spread propaganda.

If you are visiting North Korea then using a VPN is the best way to bypass the censorship imposed by Korean authorities and access sites like Gmail, YouTube, Twitter, Blogger, Skype and Facebook without revealing your personal details.

Access Location Restricted Websites – If you love to watch On-Demand content online, you might be aware that the sites delivering streaming content can only be accessed from certain countries or geographical areas. These restrictions are primarily in place due to licensing issues but they also help the content providers to conserve bandwidth and ward off unwanted visitors. The content providers determine the location of their visitors through their IP addresses and deliver the content only if the IP address of the visitors clears the location checks. Such measures are also used by ecommerce sites and banks to prevent fraudulent transactions and serve their genuine customers in a better way.

However, the GEO-IP restrictions are not in the best interests of expats and tourists since they prevent them from transferring money, shopping online or watching their favorite TV and movie shows. A VPN is a great IP changing solution that can help you to unlock your favorite content from anywhere. For instance, it is possible to use a VPN in North Korea and unlock premium websites like USA Network, MLB, Xfinity, BBC iPlayer, CBS, Hulu, iTV, ABC, 4OD, Vudu, Lovefilm, CBC, Pandora, Netflix, CWTV, Fox, NHL, Eurosport, Amazon Prime, NBC, HBO Go, Demand 5 and CTV simply by changing your IP address. In addition, you would be able to log into your bank account as well as shop online without facing any kind of restriction.

Online Security – The internet could be a dangerous place if you are not aware of the latest security threats and don’t know how to get rid of them. Unfortunately, most internet users are completely clueless about the kind of security threats that they face online. As a result, hackers and cyber criminals have a field day and are easily able to steal data, money and even identity from vulnerable users. In such a scenario, a VPN subscription can help you to protect your privacy and anonymity in several ways:

– If you connect to the internet primarily through wireless networks then you must be aware that the Wi-Fi hotspots available at public places such as malls, airports, public parks, hotels and coffee shops are not secure at all. In fact, the public Wi-Fi hotspots facilitate stealing of data and money by exposing personal details of the users to criminals who are connected to the same network. However, by using a VPN, you can build a tunnel around your online sessions and prevent anyone from getting access to your precious data.

– A VPN connection also helps to protect your passwords, credit card numbers and social accounts even if you don’t connect to the internet through wireless networks. Since most VPN providers provide strong encryption, it is almost impossible for hackers and criminals to steal your data or money.

Best North Korea IP VPN Service

As of now, there is no VPN service available that provides a North Korean IP address. IAPS Security used to have a server in North Korea but the company stopped offering the service after receiving an order from US Department of Treasury.

In addition, there are just a handful of North Korean websites in existance and since most of them are targeted towards foreigners, you won’t need a North Korean IP address to unlock them.

Best North Korea In-Country Service

If you want to unlock content from other countries from within North Korea, you can go for the following VPN options:

Final Word

As it can be seen from above paragraphs, subscribing to a VPN service is mandatory before visiting North Korea. If you don’t use a VPN service, you won’t be able to access your favorite sites plus you also may also face prosecution from the authorities for seemingly minor offences. If you want unrestricted access to the internet while visiting North Korea, subscribing to a VPN service is indeed your best bet.

November 21, 2013

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