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Thursday, April 25th, 2013

The Netherlands is a high income country having one of the most developed economies in the world. The Netherlands has a very high level of internet penetration with over 92% of people having access to the internet. The country also ranks at the top as far as the number of broadband connections per 100 people and the number of high speed internet connections in Europe is concerned.

There is almost negligible internet censorship in the Netherlands. However there are indications that the situation is going to change in the coming years since many file sharing sites have been blocked in the country recently. That may explain why a lot of Dutch citizens now use privacy solutions like virtual private networks to access the internet. Read on and discover what else is possible through a Netherlands IP VPN.

Securing Online Privacy and Anonymity

While a lot of people are aware of security issues that plague the internet, they do precious little to secure their online activities. Most hackers and cyber criminals take advantage of such lethargy and strike at will to disrupt internet sessions and steal data. For those who are serious about their online security, subscribing to a VPN is the best thing that they can do. VPNs protect you online activities in several different ways:

  • If you use the internet to conduct a lot of financial transactions or deal with sensitive data on a regular basis then you must subscribe to a VPN plan. Most VPN providers deliver a very high level of security so your financial details and passwords are never compromised.
  • A VPN also helps in securing your web sessions through vulnerable wireless networks. The free Wi-Fi connectivity available from airports, malls and cafes is not secure at all so you need to take extra precautions to secure your web sessions while using them.

Access IP Restricted Content

Since a lot of content is now consumed through the web, content providers are constantly under pressure to implement innovative ways to deliver content in a fast and secure way. Many content providers now enforce GEOIP restrictions that ensure that only visitors from approved countries would be able to access the content. This content delivery model is mostly used by streaming video sites, banks, ecommerce portals as well as sites that deliver live telecast of news and sporting events.

While this content delivery technique is designed with consumers in mind, it can prevent even genuine customers from accessing the desired content especially when they are abroad. A VPN can help you out in such a situation since it allows you to change your IP address. Here are some examples on how to use a VPN to bypass GEOIP based content restrictions:

  • Using a VPN makes it possible for Dutch expats and tourists to access their bank accounts and transfer money from abroad without risking its security. A VPN also makes it possible for Dutch citizens to shop from favorites sites and watch their favorite streaming shows from all corners of the world. Moreover, even people from other regions can watch Dutch TV shows and sporting events online just by using a Dutch IP address. With a Netherlands VPN plan, you would be able to unblock Dutch sites like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and
  • Through a VPN, Dutch citizens and tourists visiting Netherlands can unlock content from several other countries. By choosing an IP address from the list of approved countries, you would be able to unblock sites like BBC iPlayer, Netflix, 4OD, Amazon Prime, Hulu etc. right from the Netherlands.

Online Censorship Remedy

A lot of governments and regimes around the world block websites for political, religious and ideological reasons. Using a VPN is a great way to bypass such firewalls for many reasons:

  • By using a VPN, you can easily bypass the censorship imposed by Dutch ISPs or your organization. To bypass the firewalls, you just need to choose an IP address from a different country or region.
  • A VPN also helps Dutch expats and travelers to bypass the censorship imposed by local authorities when they are abroad. Countries like China and Middle Eastern nations are especially notorious for censorship so you would need a solution like a VPN to access your favorite sites from there. Plus VPNs keep your personal details secure so you can never get into trouble for visiting blocked websites.

A VPN is not just a security solution; it does a lot more than securing your online sessions. When you use a VPN, you are totally in control of your online sessions without having to worry about security or firewalls. So as far as online comfort and convenience are concerned, using a Netherlands IP VPN is a great idea.

Best Netherlands IP VPN Service

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Best Netherlands VPN In-Country Service

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April 25, 2013

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