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Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Malaysia is a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic country with one of the best performing economies in Asia. The country has better than average rate of internet penetration with more than 60% population having access to the World Wide Web. However the country is one of the worst performers as far as internet speed and loading times of websites is concerned.

Even though the Malaysian authorities do not have a strict censorship policy in place, online censorship is slowly but surely creeping into the Malaysian landscape. While the list of sites blocked in Malaysia primarily include file sharing sites, the authorities also block sites for political and religious reasons. This may explain why many Malaysians prefer to use a virtual private network to bypass censorship these days. Read on to discover what else can be done with a Malaysia IP VPN.

Solve Online Security Problems

As far as online security and privacy are concerned, most people are completely clueless about the steps they need to take to secure themselves. Since hackers and cyber criminals are discovering more and more ingenious ways to carry out their nefarious activities, it makes sense to secure your online sessions by all possible means. A VPN helps you to deal with online security issues in several ways:

  • Using a VPN is one of the best ways to protect your personal information. Since VPN providers use an extremely high level of security, your personal and financial details remains safe at all times.
  • VPNs not only offer protection at home, they also help you to secure your online activities at public Wi-Fi hotspots available at malls, airports and hotels. Since the security at public Wi-Fi networks is really questionable, you need to take extra precautions while using them.

Bypass Location Based Restrictions

In this digital age, people are consuming more and more content online. For example, people are using the web services to pay their bills, shop online, watch their TV shows as well as transfer money. So it is no surprise to see that the content providers are using more and more innovative ways to distribute content and provide a better service to their customers. Nowadays a lot of commercial websites like banks, shopping portals and streaming video sites use location based restrictions to deliver content only to people from specific countries.

While this content delivery method has become indispensable to content providers, it could prevent even genuine customers from getting access to the desired content. A VPN is an ideal solution in such circumstances since it allows you to change your IP address at any time. By using a VPN, you can access GEOIP restricted content in several ways:

  • By using a Malaysia IP VPN, Malaysian tourists, expats and students studying abroad can transfer money, do online shopping and access their favorite TV shows and online movies from anywhere. A VPN also allows people from other countries having strong interest in Malaysian culture to access local content just by using a Malaysian IP address. With the help of a VPN, you can unblock Malaysian sites like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and
  • A VPN also allows Malaysian citizens and tourists visiting the country to unlock sites from other countries. You just need to choose an IP address from the location of the content provider and you would be able to unlock sites like Hulu, Amazon Prime, 4OD, BBC iPlayer, Pandora etc. right from within Malaysia.

Getting Rid Of Online Censorship

A lot of authoritarian governments and regimes consider the internet as a danger to the peace and stability in their countries. Through a VPN, you can get rid of firewalls imposed by authorities in several ways:

  • Using a VPN allows you to access websites that are blocked by Malaysian authorities without revealing your personal details. You would need to choose an IP address from a different location to bypass the firewalls set up by ISPs or your company administration.
  • A VPN would also help Malaysian citizens when they are out of the country. Many countries like China block websites on one pretext or another so using a VPN is the best way to circumvent censorship imposed by such countries. Moreover, since your online sessions are completely encrypted, you would never be punished for accessing blocked websites.

The above paragraphs make it clear that VPNs have now become essential for almost all kinds of online activities. Using a VPN allows you to secure yourself and bypass firewalls like never before irrespective of your location. So when it comes to online security and peace of mind, nothing comes close to a Malaysia IP VPN.

Best Malaysia IP VPN Service

If you are looking for a Malaysia IP VPN service,  the following are some of the best providers that offer a Malaysia IP VPN server:

  1. HideMyAss
  2. IPVanish
  3. StrongVPN
  4. PureVPN
  5. Switch VPN

Best Malaysia VPN In-Country Service

If you are looking for a VPN service to use in Malaysia to unblock content from overseas or security measures, you can’t go wrong with the following choices:

April 25, 2013

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