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Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Macedonia (also referred to as Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) is a landlocked country in the South Eastern Europe. The country has made considerable progress after its independence with the services, trade, industries and agriculture sectors contributing the most to the economy. The country also ranks high as far as the rate of internet penetration is concerned since more than 63% of its population is connected to the internet. In this article, you will discover the benefits of using a VPN in Macedonia as well as learn about some VPN service providers that work well within the country.

Advantages Of Using A VPN In Macedonia

1) Bypass Censorship – In 2012, the Macedonian authorities proposed a civil liability law for online insult and defamation with provisions to punish authors and content providers that post defamatory content on the internet. Most security experts agree that the new law would lead to enhanced censorship on Macedonian websites and portals and some proponents of free speech even believe that the law would kill healthy debate and freedom of speech altogether. A VPN is an excellent solution to circumvent censorship and firewalls online since it allows you to bypass the institutional censorship in many ways:

– With the help of a VPN, you can visit blocked websites and express your thoughts online without worrying about the penalties imposed by the Macedonian authorities. Since a VPN engulfs your online sessions in a secure tunnel, the details of your online activities are never revealed to the higher authorities.

– A VPN subscription is also essential for those who are travelling from Macedonia to a heavily censored country such as China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Brazil and UAE. Since many popular social networking, VOIP and emailing sites remain blocked in these countries, you will need a VPN to unlock services like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Blogger, YouTube and Skype from there.

2) Unlock GEO-IP Locked Content – If you love to watch your favorite TV shows and movies online then you might be aware that the service providers providing these services impose severe restrictions on how the content should be accessed. For instance, most of the streaming services are available only to residents from a particular country and the international visitors trying to access them simply see a “Content Unavailable” message. These restrictions are primarily in place to defend copyrights but some content providers like banks and ecommerce websites also use them for security reasons. Needless to say, the GEO-IP restrictions severely limit the banking, shopping and entertainment options available to expats and tourists once they are out of their home country.

A VPN subscription can help you to unlock your favorite content in several ways:

– By using a US or European IP VPN, tourists and expats visiting Macedonia can unlock services like CTV, MLB, Xfinity, Netflix, CWTV, Pandora, CBS, Hulu, USA Network, HBO Go, Fox, BBC iPlayer, Eurosport, CBC, Vudu, Lovefilm, NHL, Demand 5, Amazon Prime, 4OD, NBC, iTV and ABC Player right from within the country.

– A VPN subscription also comes handy when Macedonian citizens want to access premium websites from their home country from an overseas location. By subscribing to a Macedonia IP VPN plan, you can easily unlock all features of,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and from any region in the world.

3) Safeguard Your Data And Privacy Online – Although most of the internet users are not worried about the security of their data when they are online, in reality there are thousands of ways in which your personal data could get compromised online. A VPN is a great security tool that can help you to safeguard your data in multiple ways:

– While connecting to a low security Wi-Fi hotspot, make sure to use a VPN to protect your online sessions. Since it is extremely easy for hackers to steal data and money through Wi-Fi hotspots available at airports, malls, parks, coffee shops and hotels, it makes sense to take steps to safeguard your valuable data.

– In addition, you should use a VPN whenever you are connecting to a banking website, shopping portal or your favorite social network. The VPN will work in the background and encrypt your data so your private details remain safe and secure at all times.
Best Macedonia IP VPN Service

Best Macedonia In-Country Service

If you want to unlock premium US and European websites from within Macedonia, there are many reliable options available:


While Macedonia is not the most censored country in the world, there are several compelling reasons to use a VPN in the country. Using a VPN would not only secure your online sessions but also provide you free access to the content that is usually not available in Macedonia. So if you are worried about online freedom and data security, do not forget to subscribe to a dependable VPN service as soon as possible.

December 12, 2013

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