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Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Macau is a Special Administrative Region of China. Although the region is well-known for tourism and gambling; the economy of the area is also dependent on manufacturing, financial services and shipping sectors. Macau has a very good telecom infrastructure and over 65% of its population has access to the internet. In this article, we will explain the need for using a VPN in Macau and provide a list of VPN providers that offer the best service within the region.

So Why You Must Use A VPN In Macau…

Unblock Country Specific Websites

The popularity of Macau as a tourist destination can be judged from the fact that gambling, tourism and hospitality sectors account for almost 50% of the region’s GDP. It is estimated that more than 20 million tourists visit Macau every year and a big majority of them are from China and Hong Kong. While visiting Macau, tourists naturally want to access their favorite TV shows and movies through On-Demand streaming services. Unfortunately, the streaming services that are readily available in US, UK, Europe, China and Hong Kong are blocked in Macau due to location and copyright issues. Even a lot of banking and shopping websites check the IP address (location) of visitors to prevent fraudulent transactions and would not hesitate to lock your account if try to transfer funds or make a purchase from outside your home country.

Since a VPN can assign you an IP address from your home country, you can use it to access location restricted websites without encountering any “Content Unavailable” message or risking the safety of your account. Here are some excellent examples of how people use VPNs to bypass the location based restrictions and access their favorite websites from anywhere:

– With the help of a VPN service, tourists visiting Macau (as well as local citizens) can unlock websites such as HBO Go, NHL, CBS, iTV, ABC, Youku, Xfinity, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, Tudou, Vudu, MLB, Fox, QQLive, Lovefilm, MyTV, 4OD, Hulu, TVB, CBC, CWTV, CTV, USA Network, Eurosport, Netflix, NBC, Demand 5 and Pandora.

– Additionally, it is necessary to use a Macau IP VPN while trying to access premium Macau websites from abroad. When you switch to a Macau IP address, you would be able to unlock all features of sites like,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and from any country.

Bypass Censorship

In the last half-decade, online censorship and surveillance measures implemented by governments have increased drastically. China is at the forefront as far as censorship is concerned since almost all aspects of print and electronic media are tightly controlled by the authorities. Since Macau has a totally different political leadership and legal system than China, censorship in the region is not as severe as it is in the Chinese territories. Nevertheless, there are many compelling reasons for using an anti-censorship tool (like a VPN) while visiting the region.

– While political sites, social networks and video portals remain unblocked in Macau, the authorities have blocked poker websites and sites that are deemed to host illegal content. If you wish to access websites blocked by Macau authorities and institutions, you need to use a VPN since VPNs conceal your online activities from the higher authorities.

– On the other hand, if you are a Macau citizen who is planning to visit China (or Middle East) then using a VPN service would allow you to access Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Skype, YouTube and Blogger from those countries without getting into any kind of trouble.

Secure Your Privacy

Even though the internet has been around for more than two decades, people are still clueless about online security threats or how to deal with them. This naturally helps the cyber criminals who are looking for easy ways to steal data and money from unsuspecting netizens. A VPN is an amazing security tool that can protect your data and privacy in multiple ways:

– Since public Wi-Fi hotspots are now almost everywhere, people do not hesitate to use them for their day-to-day online activities. However, you also need to be aware that the free wireless networks available at coffee shops, malls, airports, parks and hotels carry significant security risks with them. Hackers and snoopers do not hesitate to exploit the security loopholes of these networks and carry out their criminal activities without leaving any trace. If you wish to secure your personal data while using public Wi-Fi hotspots then you need to use a security solution (such as a VPN) to safeguard your online sessions. VPNs create a tunnel of security around your web sessions so your data remains totally private and secure.

– VPNs also use strong encryption algorithms to shield your sensitive data from criminal elements. Once you connect to a VPN service; your passwords, credit card numbers, banking and social account details get encrypted so you can carry out your usual online activities without fearing about losing your data or money.

Best Macau In-Country Service

If you wish to unlock location restricted sites from US, Europe Hong Kong or China while visiting Macau, you can choose from the following options:


As you can see from the above paragraphs, there are several advantages of using a VPN while visiting Macau. A VPN allows you to secure your private data as well helps you to unblock your favorite websites that are not available in the region due to IP based restrictions. So if you are looking for the best online security and privacy solution, do not forget to subscribe to a reliable VPN service today.

December 18, 2013

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