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Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Jamaica is a popular tourist destination in the Caribbean region. Apart from tourism, the country also derives revenues from finance, insurance, mining, manufacturing and agriculture sectors. However, Jamaica lags behind as far as internet connectivity is concerned since only 47% of its population has access to the internet. In this article, you will discover the reasons for using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) in this beautiful country as well as come across some trusted VPN providers that work well from within Jamaica.

Why You Need To Use A VPN In Jamaica?

1) Unlock IP Restricted Websites – The popularity of Jamaica as a tourist destination can be judged from the fact that approximately 1.3 million tourists visit the country every year. Now whenever people visit an overseas location, they still like to access their favorite TV shows and news websites from their home country. Unfortunately, almost all premium streaming content providers use sophisticated GEO-IP detection techniques to determine the location and IP address of visitors. These providers would check your IP address and serve content to you only if you are accessing the site from within an approved country. This content delivery technique is even used by many banks and shopping sites to prevent fraud and serve their actual customers in a better way. So when you are in Jamaica, don’t be surprised if you are not able to log into your bank account, transfer money, shop from your favorite e-commerce portals or even watch your favorite TV shows and movies online.

Using a VPN can help you to fake your IP address and access your favorite sites from any country. Here are some examples of the type of content that can be unlocked with a VPN service:

– By using a VPN service, tourists and expats in Jamaica (and even Jamaican citizens) can unlock premium European and American websites such as Eurosport, CBS, ABC, 4OD, NBC, Lovefilm, HBO Go, NHL, CWTV, Demand 5, Hulu, Xfinity, iTV, Pandora, CBC, BBC iPlayer, USA Network, MLB, Fox, CTV, Amazon Prime, Netflix and Vudu right from within Jamaica.

– A VPN subscription is essential for Jamaicans even when they travel outside the country. By subscribing to a VPN service that offers a Jamaican IP address, you can unlock all the features of your favorite Jamaican websites such as,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

2) Bypass Censorship Online – The internet has become an important tool for the champions of the truth. However, a lot of governments suppress news and information online to stamp their authority and to prevent people from indulging in anti-state matters. Even in Jamaica, where there is officially no censorship, the authorities may suppress information that could prove detrimental to the government or harm the tourism industry. A VPN is a reliable tool that can help you to bypass all kinds of filters and censorship in several ways:

– By using a VPN, you can easily bypass the firewalls and censorship implemented by the Jamaican government or by your Jamaican organization or university. A lot of institutions block social networking sites but with a VPN at your disposal, you can easily unlock them without getting noticed by the network administrator.

– A VPN is also essential for Jamaicans visiting a country like China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Brazil and Thailand. These countries have imposed a very strict form of online censorship and some of them have even blocked popular sites such as Gmail, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Vonage and YouTube. So if you wish to continue to access your favorite sites without inviting trouble, using a VPN is your best bet.

3) Secure Your Online Presence – With the explosion of online scams and security threats, more and more people are now falling prey data and identity theft. Unfortunately, most of the internet users are simply careless about their security and as a result they become victim to the devious schemes of cyber criminals. Here again, a VPN can assist you to defend your security and privacy online in many ways:

– A VPN subscription is a must if you connect to the internet through free-to-use Wi-Fi hotspots. Most commercial wireless hotspots (available at airports, coffee shops, malls and hotels) are not installed with security of users in mind so hackers and sniffing programs can easily steal data from other users who are connected to the same network. But when you route your traffic through a VPN, there is a wall of security between your online activities and criminals so your private data remains secure at all times.

– Using a VPN also makes sense while using the internet for banking, shopping or networking activities. Due to the strong encryption used by most VPN vendors, your banking information, credit card number, social accounts and passwords can never be compromised or used against you.

Best Jamaica VPN Service

To unlock premium content from around the world from within Jamaica, choose from the following VPN vendors:


We hope that now you can see the benefits of using a VPN in Jamaica (and elsewhere). A VPN is your ticket to online freedom and privacy that is easy to use and guards your online activities at all times. So whether you want to secure your online transactions or just wish to access your favorite TV shows, you cannot go wrong with a VPN.

December 10, 2013

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