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Monday, April 15th, 2013

Italy is one of the most developed economies in Europe and its citizens enjoy a very high quality of life. Even though the country has an above average level of internet penetration, less than 35% of people have access to Wi-Fi hotspots. The internet plays an important role in Italian education and economy since a lot of people are employed in the technology sector.

Even though Italy is a part of European Union, the Italian authorities impose severe restrictions on press and online freedom. A lot of file sharing and gambling sites are blocked in the country and the Italian authorities filter content on social media as well. This has drawn many Italians to solutions like virtual private networks for unlocking sites and bypassing firewalls. Read on to learn what else you can achieve with an Italy IP VPN.

Online Security and Privacy Concerns

A VPN is primarily meant to provide online security and privacy to its users. While the number of people becoming aware about online security is increasing, a vast majority of netizens are still totally clueless on how to secure their online activities. A VPN can help you to secure your web sessions in several ways:

  • A VPN safeguards your personal details like passwords, bank login details and other sensitive information. This protects you from falling prey to online scams and identity theft.
  • VPNs also secure your sessions at unsecure public Wi-Fi hotspots. The security at free wireless hotspots available at malls, cafes and universities remains a cause of concern so you need to careful about your privacy and anonymity while using them.

Access Country Specific Content

The emergence of highly sophisticated content delivery solutions means that the content providers now have more options to deliver content to the consumers. It is not surprising to see that many providers choose to restrict their content only to visitors from certain countries. This delivery model is mostly adapted by banks, ecommerce sites, streaming content providers as well as news and sports portals.

However these restrictions could also cause problems to genuine customers when they try to access the site from abroad. A VPN can act as a lifesaver here and allow you to access content meant for specific countries. Since VPN providers allow you to choose an IP address from a specific location, you can easily change your IP address and bypass country based restrictions. Here are some ways in which VPNs allow you to access your favorite sites:

  • With an Italy IP VPN, Italian expats and tourists are free to log into their bank accounts from abroad without worrying about the account getting blocked.
  • VPNs also allow Italian citizens to shop from Italian ecommerce sites from any corner of the world.
  • By using a VPN, Italian citizens based abroad as well as people from other locations can stream Italian content without running into location based restrictions. By using an Italian VPN, you would be able to unblock sites like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and
  • A VPN can also help tourists visiting Italy as well as Italian citizens to unblock sites from other countries. By using a VPN, you can easily unblock sites like BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Pandora, 4OD, Netflix as well as hundreds of other location based websites.

Bypass Firewalls

Apart from providing online security, VPNs also help you to bypass online firewalls in several ways:

  • Since Italian authorities block a lot of websites, you need a secure solution to access them. A VPN allows you to bypass firewalls set up by ISPs and organizations without revealing your personal details. You just need to choose an IP address from a different location and you would be able to access sites blocked in Italy with ease.
  • VPNs can help Italian tourists and expats to bypass censorship when they are abroad. A lot of countries block social networking, video, P2P and VOIP sites so using a VPN is your best bet to unlock blocked sites. Furthermore, since your online activities are completely encrypted, you cannot be prosecuted for accessing blocked websites.

A VPN has really become essential for a lot of online activities. If you are not using a VPN, you could be running into firewalls or compromising your security without being aware of it. If you want to experience true online freedom then subscribe to an Italy IP VPN plan today.

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April 15, 2013

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