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Thursday, December 12th, 2013

El Salvador is one of the most popular surfing destinations in the Central American region. Apart from tourism, the economy of the country depends on services, industry, agriculture, exports and remittances sent by Salvadorans settled abroad. However, the country has a lot of catching up to do as far as the rate of internet connectivity is concerned since just over 25% of local population has access to the internet. In this detailed article, we will explain the need for using a VPN in El Salvador and list down some VPN companies that offer great service from within the region.

Benefits of VPN Use in El Salvador

1) Access IP/Country Restricted Content – In the last one decade, we have seen a big change in the type of content being consumed online. Even though web enabled services and streaming content were almost non-existent in the early part of 21st century, they now constitute a sizeable chunk of the overall internet traffic. However, most of the premium web enabled services are available only within certain countries or geographical areas. Service providers like banks and ecommerce portals use GEO-IP locks to prevent fraudulent transactions whereas streaming media providers use them to protect their copyrights. But the downside of location based restrictions is that they even prevent the expats and frequent fliers from accessing their favorite sites from an overseas location.

Having a VPN subscription would allow you to access premium sites from your home country since a VPN also doubles up as an IP changing service. Here are some examples of how VPNs can help you to unlock your favorite sites:

– By using a VPN services, expats and tourists visiting El Salvador would be able to unlock premium streaming services such as CTV, USA Network, ABC, Hulu, MLB, Eurosport, CBS, Vudu, NBC, BBC iPlayer, CBC, iTV, Lovefilm, Pandora, Xfinity, 4OD, Amazon Prime, Demand 5, Fox, NHL, CWTV, Netflix and HBO Go right from within the country.

– A VPN subscription can also help Salvadorans to unlock premium sites from their home country from abroad. By subscribing to an El Salvador IP VPN service, you would be able to access all features of sites like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and from any country in the world.

2) Bypass Online Censorship – Although the constitution of El Salvador guarantees freedom of speech to its citizens, media outlets and institutions practice self-censorship to ensure political correctness and to stay safe from criminals. There is no wide-scale censorship of online content in El Salvador but there are laws in place to protect political stability and morality. In such a scenario, using a VPN makes sense for several reasons:

– A VPN allows you to bypass all kinds of firewalls and censorship in El Salvador and express your opinions online without fearing about retribution from higher authorities or criminals. Since a VPN creates a secure tunnel like structure around your online sessions, your personal details such as identity and IP address are never revealed to Salvadoran authorities.

– A reliable VPN subscription is also necessary for Salvadorans who are planning to visit a country like China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait or Brazil. Since there is significant level of online censorship in these countries, using a VPN is the most secure way to access your favorite sites like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Skype and YouTube without facing the wrath of the local authorities.

3) Online Data Protection – Aside from being a great anti-censorship and IP changing solution, a VPN is also an excellent privacy and anonymity tool. Since online security threats and scams are rampant these days, it is highly necessary to use a security solution that can guarantee the safety of your data, money and identity. A VPN can help you to secure your online presence in several ways:

– Using a VPN ensures the security of sensitive data such as passwords, credit card number, PayPal login details as well as social accounts. Since VPN companies use strong encryption to encrypt data, chances of losing data while using a VPN is almost negligible.

– If you connect to the internet through public Wi-Fi hotspots, you need to secure your online sessions with a VPN. Due to the loose security measures employed by commercial establishments providing wireless connectivity, it becomes easy for criminals to steal data and money from others who are using the same network. But once you secure your online presence with a VPN, you can use the wireless networks at malls, airports, public parks, coffee shops and hotels without having to worry about the security of your data.

Best El Salvador In-Country Service

On the other hand, if you want to unlock premium European or American websites from within El Salvador, there are plenty of good service providers available:


A VPN is one of the most robust privacy and security solutions available these days. With the help of a VPN, you can not only circumvent the censorship that exists in El Salvador but also get the freedom to access your favorite sites irrespective of your current location. So if you desire 100% online security along with total online freedom, subscribe to a VPN service as soon as possible.

December 12, 2013

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