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Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Chile is a prosperous and stable South American country having one of the highest rates of economic freedom, human development and income per capita among the Latin American countries. The country follows a liberal economic model that ensures economic progress and financial consistency while maintain a high rate of GDP growth. The country has an average level of internet penetration since less than 55% of its population uses the internet. Learn why you need a VPN while accessing the internet in Chile and how it can help you to access your favorite sites.

Online Security And Privacy

Online security is still a big challenge for a majority of internet users. Most web users are not aware of the evolving security threats plus they have no idea how to protect their internet sessions. A VPN can definitely help you in such a situation since VPNs are classified as security solutions. With a VPN at your disposal, you would be able to protect you data and privacy while using Wi-Fi sessions. Even though Wi-Fi usage has really picked up, it comes with several security challenges that need to be addressed. If you want total security while using free Wi-Fi hotspots that are found at airports, shopping centers, cafes, book shops and universities then using a VPN is your best option. Additionally, you can protect your data from the hackers and cyber sniffers. Since VPNs use a very high level of encryption, stealing of data such as passwords, bank login details and other sensitive information becomes possible.

Access Local Content Globally

Even though the internet is a truly worldwide network, a lot of content providers prefer to deliver their content only within certain countries or geographical regions. Many banks, ecommerce portals and streaming content providers use IP based delivery model to secure content, save bandwidth and protect their copyrights on the web.

However, such measures do have unintended consequences since location based delivery can also deny access to genuine customers when they are out of the country. Expats and tourists have to face lots of problems because of location checks since their IP is not from a country where the provider delivers content. As a result, people are not able to log into bank sites, shop from portals and stream their favorite shows. A VPN helps you to change your IP address and allows you to bypass location checks in several ways.

With the help of Chile IP VPN, Chilean tourists and expats are free to access their bank accounts, watch their favorite streaming TV shows and movies as well as make a purchase online. Even people from outside Chile can watch local Chilean content online just by switching to a Chile IP address. Here are some premium Chilean sites that can be unblocked with a VPN –,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

Use of VPN is also essential for Chilean people and tourists visiting the country who want to unlock local content from other countries. By using the VPN, you can unblock 4OD, iTV Player, Netflix, ABC, CBS, HBO Go, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu and many other premium sites that are not available within Chile.

Bypass Every Kind Of Censorship

Along with internet security, internet censorship is considered the biggest challenge faced by netizens. A VPN is considered a worthy solution to this issue since it allows you to circumvent censorship in multiple ways. Although there is not much evidence of censorship in Chile, most organizations and universities have implemented their own firewalls and often block sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. By using a VPN, you can bypass every kind of censorship that is imposed by your ISP or your network administrator.

VPNs are also essential while visiting a heavily censored country like Saudi Arabia, China, Qatar, UAE etc. since even mainstream sites like Gmail, Skype, Facebook are not available there. Using a VPN is the most secure way to access blocked sites while remaining invisible to the local authorities.

As you can see, a VPN comes with fairly large number of advantages. VPNs address privacy and censorship issues which are considered as the biggest threats to security and freedom of expression online. So if you want to browse your favorite site without worrying about getting your personal details compromised, choose a Chile VPN plan today.

Best Chile IP VPN Service

If you are looking for a Chile VPN service,  the following providers are some of the best that provide a Chile IP VPN server:

  1. VPN Secure

Best Chile In-Country Service

If you are looking for a VPN service to use in Chile to unblock content from overseas or security measures, you can’t go wrong with the following choices:

  1. HideMyAss
  2. IPVanish
  3. CactusVPN
  4. SwitchVPN
  5. VPN4ALL
  6. Kepard
  7. VyprVPN
  8. Overplay
  9. StrongVPN
  10. proXPN
  11. ExpressVPN
  12. PureVPN
  13. Invisible Browsing
  14. BolehVPN
  16. Private Internet Access
  17. LeafyVPN
  18. VPNSecure
  19. BTGuard
  20. Torguard
  21. 12vpn
  22. EarthVPN

May 23, 2013

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