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Best Cameroon VPN Service

Monday, November 25th, 2013

Cameroon is a West-Central African country which is home to more than 200 linguistic groups. The country is also referred to as “Miniature Africa” due to its cultural and geographical diversity. Cameroon has witnessed strong GDP growth in the last few years and its economy is highly dependent on agriculture, petroleum and timber industries. However, the country lags behind in service sectors and even the internet penetration is quite low (less than 10%) over there. Read on to discover why you need a VPN service in Cameroon and how it can help you to browse the internet without any restrictions.

1) Bypassing Internet Censorship – In the last few years, a lot of governments have increased monitoring and surveillance on the internet. Social media sites and blogs are often the prime targets of government and institutional censorship. However, with a VPN subscription at your disposal, you can get rid of all kinds of censorship as follows:

– The government of Cameroon has a strong control over the print and electronic media. The press does not enjoy a lot of freedom in the country since the government has punished many journalists for publishing politically sensitive opinions. The online censorship is not as extensive in Cameroon but the government did try to ban Twitter to suppress political opinions. A VPN would allow you to bypass the censorship and firewalls put in place by Cameroon ISPs, organizations and educational institutions and post your opinions on the net without worrying about revealing your IP address or identity.

– A VPN subscription is also necessary for the citizens of Cameroon when they travel outside the country. A lot of countries like China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Brazil block popular sites such as Skype, Gmail, Twitter, YouTube, Google Talk and Facebook and using a VPN is the most effective way to unblock them without getting noticed by the local authorities.

2) Unlocking Of GEO-IP Restricted Websites – The internet has brought an extraordinary change in the way we consume content. These days, a lot of people prefer to watch their favorite TV shows and movies online through On-Demand services. Unfortunately, these premium streaming services cannot be accessed from all over the world; they are available only in certain countries. The content providers of these services check the IP address of the visitors and allow them to access the content only if their IP address passes the location checks. These measures are also used by many banking and ecommerce sites to prevent fraudulent transactions and serve their customers in a better way. Needless to say, these GEO-IP checks are incredibly restrictive and prevent the expats and travelers from transferring money, shopping online or enjoying their favorite TV shows.

A VPN service can help you to get an IP address from a desired location and access your favorite sites from overseas. Here are some examples of how VPNs provide unrestricted access to premium websites from around the world:

– With the help of a VPN service, foreigners visiting Cameroon (as well as local citizens) can unblock premium streaming sites like Fox, HBO Go, ABC, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Pandora, iTV, NBC, Lovefilm, CBS, NHL, MLB, Xfinity, Vudu, Hulu, CWTV, USA Network, Eurosport, Demand 5 and 4OD right from within the country simply by switching to an American or European IP address.

– A VPN subscription is also needed for Cameroon citizens when they travel abroad and wish to access premium sites from their home country. By switching to a Cameroon IP address through a VPN service, you can unlock websites like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

3) Protecting Online Security – The online security threats are growing every year so you need to use a strong solution that can guarantee your safety and protect your valuable data. Since hackers primarily rely on IP addresses to steal data and money, using a VPN is an excellent way to safeguard your personal details. Here are some instances of how a VPN can prove useful in securing your online activities:

– If you rely on public Wi-Fi hotspots for connecting to the internet, it is high time to subscribe to a VPN. The free to use wireless networks are never designed with security in mind and that’s the reason why they are used by hackers and criminals to steal data, money and identity from vulnerable users. Almost all VPN providers offer a Wi-Fi protection module that makes you invisible to the unscrupulous elements and helps you to carry on with your work without having to worry about safety of your data.

– A VPN subscription is also essential for those who use the internet for banking and shopping. Your VPN provider would encrypt your passwords, banking accounts, credit card numbers and social account details so that you don’t suffer from monetary or data loss.

Best Cameroon VPN Service

For unlocking American and European websites from within Cameroon, the following VPN providers are the best:

  1. HideMyAss
  2. IPVanish
  3. CactusVPN
  4. SwitchVPN
  5. VPN4ALL
  6. Kepard
  7. VyprVPN
  8. Overplay
  9. StrongVPN
  10. proXPN
  11. ExpressVPN
  12. PureVPN
  13. Invisible Browsing
  14. BolehVPN
  16. Private Internet Access
  17. LeafyVPN
  18. VPNSecure
  19. BTGuard
  20. Torguard
  21. 12vpn
  22. EarthVPN


As it can be seen from above paragraphs, there are several reasons to subscribe to a VPN service while in Cameroon. A VPN is not only a security and a privacy tool but it also offers an easy way to access our favorite content from any location. If you live in Cameroon or planning to visit the country, don’t forget to subscribe to a Cameroon VPN service to experience the internet without any restrictions.

November 25, 2013

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