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Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

The Bahamas is a country in North America having more than 700 islands. The country is considered as one of the richest countries in the American continent since its GDP per capita figures are just below those of USA and Canada. Tourism and financial services contribute significantly to the Bahamian economy and many foreign banks have offices in the country. The country ranks well as far as internet connectivity is concerned since more than 65% of its population is connected to the internet. Read on to discover how a Bahamas VPN can help to protect your internet sessions and allow you to access your favorite sites.

Online Security Protection

These days, online security has become a major area of concern for most individuals and organizations. As the internet evolves, hackers and criminals continue to find new security loopholes that can cause severe damage to privacy and business continuity. Since most internet users do not know how to protect themselves from latest online threats, using a VPN is the safest bet to deal with the situation. By using a VPN, you would be able to protect your data and privacy at Wi-Fi hotspots. The Wi-Fi networks available at commercial establishments like malls, coffee shops, libraries, airports etc. are often poorly secured which means hackers can steal your data with ease. Moreover, you can protect your vital data such as usernames, passwords, social accounts and bank details from criminals. Most reputed VPN providers use a very high level of encryption so your private data remains out of reach of hackers, sniffers and snoopers.

Access Country Specific Local Content

As the online world continues to explode, we have started consuming more and more content through the internet. So it is but natural that content providers have started using restrictive policies while delivering content to the customers. For instance, most banks, shopping sites and streaming video services now restrict their services only within certain countries and geographical areas. By doing so, the providers are not only securing their content but they can also protect their copyrights and conserve their bandwidth to deliver a far superior user experience to their customers.

However country (or IP address) based content delivery can also result in unintended consequences. For example, it can deprive genuine customers of their favorite content if they happen to be outside designed content delivery areas. A VPN can help you to bypass all kinds of location and IP based content restrictions. Here are some examples of how a VPN allows you to access you favorite content sites from anywhere.

With the help of a Bahamas IP VPN, Bahamian citizens and expats can unlock their favorite streaming sites, bank accounts and shopping portals from anywhere. For people who reside outside Bahamas, a VPN provides an excellent solution to watch Bahamian content from outside the country. Here are some Bahamian sites that you can be unblocked with Bahamas IP address –,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

Since Bahamas is a popular tourist destination, it is always teeming with tourists from around the world. These tourists (and even expats settled there) want to access their favorite TV shows and streaming content from their home country through the internet. However this isn’t usually possible since the streaming services are GEO-IP blocked so there is no direct way of accessing them from the Bahamas. A VPN can help tourists and Bahamian citizens to unblock streaming content from other countries and watch content from HBO Go, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, ABC Player, iTV Player, Hulu, Amazon Video, CBS, Netflix etc. right from Bahamas.

Bypass Censorship

Internet censorship continues to strangle online freedom and internet growth all around the world. Having a VPN subscription would allow you to fight censorship in several ways. You can get around the censorship put in place by Bahamian authorities and organizations. Even though there is no large scale censorship in the country, many organizations and universities often block popular social networking and video sites. Using a VPN is the easiest way to bypass all kinds of censorship imposed by governments, ISPs, schools and organizations. Also, a VPN also comes in handy when you visit a heavily censored country like China, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. These regimes are known for their strict online censorship so using a VPN is often the only way to access popular sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Skype etc. without revealing your identity.

A VPN does a lot more than secure your internet sessions. It is one of the best privacy tools that is currently available which can also help you to bypass IP and ISP based censorship. So if you want total privacy and peace of mind, subscribe to a Bahamas VPN plan today.

Best Bahamas IP VPN Service

If you are looking for a Bahamas VPN service,  the following providers are some of the best that provide a Bahamas IP VPN server:

  1. Overplay VPN

Best Bahamas In-Country Service

If you are looking for a VPN service to use in Bahamas to unblock content from overseas or security measures, you can’t go wrong with the following choices:



May 23, 2013

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