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Thursday, December 19th, 2013

Azerbaijan is a country in the Caucasus region having a rich and diverse cultural heritage. The economy of the country is largely dependent on energy, agriculture and tourism sectors. The country has more than 5 million active internet users representing more than 55% of the total population. In this detailed article, we will explain the benefits of using a VPN in Azerbaijan and list down some VPN services that work well in the region. So what are some of the advantages of using a VPN In Azerbaijan? This article will discuss some of the benefits.

Circumvent Online Censorship

Azerbaijan is listed as “Not Free” by both Reporters Without Borders as well as Freedom House. Although there are no laws to govern the surveillance and monitoring activities on the internet, the authorities are involved in selective filtering of political and social content. Several independent bloggers have been arrested in the country for posting anti-government views and most of them chose to shut down their sites to avoid further prosecution. Most media companies, journalists and bloggers practice self-censorship to avoid getting into trouble with the higher authorities.

In view of extreme censorship in Azerbaijan, using a VPN has become necessary for many reasons:

– A VPN allows you to post your opinions online and access blocked websites without getting prosecuted by the Azerbaijani authorities. Since a VPN safeguards your online sessions through a tunnel like mechanism, you can never be punished for posting offensive content or visiting blocked websites.

– Having a VPN subscription is also essential for Azerbaijani citizens who are planning to visit China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait or Brazil. Since these countries have implemented a very high level of censorship, you would need to use a VPN even to access mainstream sites like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Gmail and YouTube.

Access IP Restricted Premium Content

In the last one decade, Azerbaijan has emerged as a popular spa, healthcare, religious and skiing tourist destination. When tourists visit any tourist destination, they still want to use online services from their home country. However, a lot of premium web enabled services like banking, streaming and shopping can be availed only from certain countries. The content providers use IP based restrictions to prevent fraudulent transactions as well as to defend their copyrights across borders.

Since having a VPN subscription allows you to change your IP address at any time, you can use it to access your favorite websites from your home country that are blocked at your current location. Here are some benefits of using a VPN for unlocking IP restricted websites:

– Tourists and expats visiting Azerbaijan can unlock streaming services like Amazon Prime, ABC, iTV, CBC, Demand 5, Vudu, USA Network, 4OD, CBS, HBO Go, NBC, MLB, Fox, NHL, CTV, Eurosport, Xfinity, Hulu, Pandora, CWTV, Lovefilm, BBC iPlayer and Netflix just by switching to an American or European IP address.

– Additionally, Azerbaijani citizens can unlock premium services from their home country by using an Azerbaijan IP VPN service. Once you change your IP address to an Azerbaijan IP, it becomes possible to unblock websites like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and from any location in the world.

Safeguard Your Data And Privacy

Since most of our private data now exists in digital format, we need to be extra cautious while using it on the internet. Unfortunately, most netizens are not bothered about the security of their data and as a result, they become easy victims of online scams, identity theft or phishing attempts. A VPN can help you to secure your privacy in multiple ways:

– A VPN is tailor-made to safeguard wireless activities at public places. Since the public Wi-Fi hotspots deployed at airports, parks, malls, coffee shops and libraries use negligible level of security; there is a very high risk of losing one’s data, money and identity while using them. But once you connect to these networks via a VPN, your personal data becomes safe from prying eyes and hacking attempts.

– In addition, using a VPN would enable you to protect your passwords, credit card numbers, bank login details and social accounts online. Since VPN companies use advanced encryption techniques, your vital data cannot be compromised by the criminals in any way.

Best Azerbaijan VPN Services

If you wish to unblock premium international websites from within Azerbaijan, there are many reliable VPN services available:




Due to the extremely high level of censorship implemented by the Azerbaijani authorities, using a VPN has become almost mandatory in the country. In addition, a VPN guarantees unrestricted access to your favorite websites as well as protects your data at all times. So if you want to experience true online freedom while ensuring the safety of your data, subscribe to a VPN service as soon as possible.

December 19, 2013

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