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Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Looking for the best Algerian VPN service? If so, read on. Algeria is a large multi-ethnic country in North Africa. Although the country is largely dependent on the oil sector its growth; agriculture, services and tourism sectors form an important part of the Algerian economy. Despite its middle income country status, the country has a very low level of internet penetration and just over 15% of Algerians have access to the internet. In this informative article, you will discover the reasons for using a VPN in Algeria and learn about some VPN providers that work within the region.

Reasons For Using A VPN In Algeria

1) Circumvent All Kinds Of Online Censorship – Algeria witnessed a civil war in the nineties and the country also saw many anti-government demonstrations during the Arab Spring. Concerned about the use of the internet for anti-state activities, the government has blocked several sites that host terrorism related content. In addition, the government has the technical infrastructure in place to conduct wide-scale surveillance and monitoring. While officially there is no censorship in the county, ISP personnel and web users can face prosecution for posting or even allowing to post content that could lead to public disorder or moral corruption.

A VPN is an easy to use anti-censorship tool that helps you to circumvent all kinds of firewalls and censorship. With a VPN at your disposal, you can bypass online censorship in many ways:

– By using a VPN, you can unblock blocked websites and post content on the internet without getting prosecuted by the Algerian authorities. In addition, a VPN subscription helps you to bypass the firewalls installed by organizations and education institutions without getting noticed by the network administrators.

– A VPN is also essentials for Algerians who want to access their favorite email, VOIP, video and social networking sites from abroad. Countries such as Saudi Arabia, China, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Brazil practice a strict form of censorship and the authorities over there have even blocked some of the most popular sites on the web.

2) Access Country And IP Restricted Content – The last few years have brought a sea change in the way we consume content. Thanks to the advances made in online security, web based content delivery and broadband technologies, it is now possible to shop, bank and even watch our favorite movies and TV shows online. However, you must also be aware that most of the premium shopping, banking and streaming content websites are accessible only within certain geographical regions. The content owners wish to safeguard the copyrights and provide the best possible service to their users and that is the reason why they use IP detection technology to determine the location of the users and serve content to them.

If you travel a lot, it could be a very frustrating experience while trying to access your favorite sites from abroad. A VPN can also act as an IP changing service and allow you to access your favorite sites from around the world. Here are some examples of how you can use a VPN to unlock your favorite sites:

– With the help of a VPN subscription, expats and tourists visiting Algeria can now unlock their favorite sites like HBO Go, ABC, 4OD, NBC, CBC, Vudu, iTV, Eurosport, Hulu, CTV, Amazon Prime, Pandora, CBS, NHL, USA Network, Demand 5, Lovefilm, Netflix, CWTV, Fox, MLB, BBC iPlayer and Xfinity just by changing their IP address to an American or European IP.

– Subscribing to a VPN service is also essential for Algerian citizens who frequently travel abroad and wish to access their favorite Algerian websites from an overseas location. While subscribing to a VPN service to unlock Algerian content, just make sure that the VPN provider offers an Algerian IP address. Once you switch to Algerian IP, you can easily unlock sites like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and from foreign locations.

3) Secure Your Privacy On The Internet – Thanks to the mobile and wireless revolutions, the number of internet users has increased exponentially. However, this has also led to more and more people falling prey to online security threats. The cyber criminals continuously discover new loopholes in the latest technologies and exploit them to steal data and money from unsuspecting online users. Here again, a VPN can help you to defend your online security in many ways:

– Using a VPN is an easy way to safeguard your privacy and anonymity while using the wireless networks at public places such as malls, airports, parks, libraries and hotels. Since most Wi-Fi networks are not designed for security, it is easy for hackers to steal data from others who are using the same network. However, once you connect to a VPN service, you become invisible to the criminals who might prowling the network for their next victim.

– A VPN also comes handy while protecting highly sensitive data such as credit card number, bank login details and userid/password information of social networks. Most VPN vendors use strong encryption to encrypt data, so your private data remains safe and hidden from the criminal elements.

Best Algeria VPN Service

For unblocking of international websites from within Algeria, there are several reliable options available:



A VPN is a must have security tool that provides round the clock security and protection. If you are planning to visit Algeria, it is worth spending few bucks on subscribing to a VPN service since it would allow you to bypass all kinds of censorship and access your favorite sites. Since the stakes are so high and the VPNs offer so many benefits, it is worthwhile to subscribe to a VPN service as soon as possible.

December 11, 2013

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