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Because You Shouldn’t Be Limited To “Just” Xhamster….

Friday, July 19th, 2013

If you have seen the viral YouTube video (click above) of McAfee founder, John McAfee, in which he talks about the way to uninstall McAfee, you would know that it’s less about removing software and more about removing other stuffs. However, John says one thing that’s absolutely true. It’s about a complainant’s inability to not watch all the porn websites that they want and he says “No one should have to use Xhamster.” But there are anti-virus softwares and other governmental or ISP interventions that constantly block porn sites and create many more website accessibility problems. However, for many of the problems that you usually face on the internet regarding website accessibility issues, there is a one simple solution. If you are interested to know that solution you should keep reading.

Problems Created by Anti-Virus Softwares

Almost all major anti-virus softwares once installed take complete control of your system. They claim that they would save you from any virus attack. But after installing them on your computer you find that actually they are working like a virus and you don’t actually need any other external virus. To prove my point just notice few things; most of them make your system slow, like a virus; they block the sites that they don’t want you to visit, like a virus; they create connections to update themselves without your permission, like a virus, etc. The list is endless, really buying an anti-virus many times feels like you are actually paying for a virus.

Blocking Porn Sites

Now there is a new obsession with all the internet security softwares, it’s called “block porn.” Installing security softwares feel like having a “big daddy” sitting on your computer. All the good quality adult sites that are popular and visited by millions around the world, suddenly becomes “dangerous” because you installed software and it feels you should avoid the website. And the warning message, oh god, the warning message showed is written in the best possible way to create the most amount of fear, in order to stop you from clicking “ignore” option. I think the next in line are security softwares giving video warnings where they would actually show visual consequences of visiting the sites that they don’t want you to visit.

By-Passing These Blockers

To be clear, Xhamster is not a bad place to get your porn. However, if you are looking for more choices, there are plenty of other websites out there as long as your computer is not blocked from access. The current leading porn websites in addition to Xhamster according to Wikipedia.org are Pornhub, Xvideos, and adult webcam site, LiveJasmin. I would tell you a great tip to bypass all the porn blockers, because you shouldn’t have to watch xhamster sub-standard content anymore. Take a VPN service and become invisible on the internet. Relive the good old days, bring back the freedom of anonymity back into your internet surfing. You have a troubling antivirus, an unwanted porn blocker, or over-sensitive internet security software; everything would get bypassed if you start using the VPN services when surfing on the internet. The benefits are more than you could imagine, by using these services you have a better chance of securing your computer from a hack-attack than any security software could provide. You get to visit all the sites that are blocked by your ISP and the sites blocked by other kinds of authorities.


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July 19, 2013
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