VPN Articles and News
  • Stagefright Android Vulnerability Is Back With A Bang

    Just when the world thought that the Stagefright Android vulnerability has been buried, the malware has come back from the dead. Dubbed as the “worst ever Android bug in history”, the vulnerability is not only back for the third time, it is more powerful than ever and has the potential to infect as many as one billion Smartphones and tablets.

  • TreasureHunt Malware Targets Point Of Sale Systems

    As the US consumers and businesses move to EMV and chip based payment systems, security experts are witnessing a sharp increase in the number of attacks against Point of Sale (POS) systems that are still accepting magnetic swipe based credit cards. California based security firm FireEye Inc. has come across a new strain of a […]

  • Netflix VPN Ban Working Effectively

    In January’ 2016, Netflix launched its streaming service pretty much all over the world. Soon after that, the company dropped a bombshell and announced that it would start blocking unblockers and VPN services which allow subscribers stream content that is not yet available in their countries

  • After Blocking VPNs, Netflix Is Now Targeting Piracy Websites

    After successfully targeting VPN and unblocker services which allowed its subscribers to stream content at locations where it was not officially available, Netflix has upped the ante against piracy and file sharing websites. In the last few weeks the company has sent thousands of DMCA requests to Google as well as other websites that were […]

  • Is In-Flight Wi-Fi Safe?

    In-flight Wi-Fi offers a great way to remain connected and be productive while travelling long distances. While earlier there were strict restrictions regarding the use of electronic devices while flying, they have been relaxed considerably in the last few years. Now it is not only possible to make and receive calls while travelling in airplanes […]

  • Facebook Game Gathering Data Of Millions Of Users

    A viral app which has been shared over 16 million times on Facebook is collecting and possibly selling personal data of users. The app in question, “Most Used Words” (released by the Korean company Vonvon.me)