VPN Articles and News
  • DDoS Attacks “On Hire” Becoming Commonplace

    Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have become an integral part of the internet landscape over the last few years. They are mostly used by hackers, criminals and even activists to overwhelm the traffic handling capacity of a website or a network and render it unusable from a few hours to few days.

  • US Law Enforcement To Monitor VPN and Tor Users

    In order to secure their online privacy and anonymity, a lot of online users rely on technologies like Tor and VPNs. However, a recent proposal to amend Rule 41 of Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure in United States could grant sweeping search powers to law enforcement officials and make users of VPNs and Tor focus of unwanted scrutiny and harassment.

  • Facebook’s Corporate Network Hacked

    Although Facebook is one of the giants of the internet, it seems its infrastructure is not immune from online security breaches and threats. This was demonstrated recently when a researcher managed to hack into the company’s corporate network and discovered that another group of hackers have been siphoning off Facebook’s employees’ user credentials for several months.

  • Canadians Turn To Piracy As Netflix’s VPN Ban Bites

    Canadians are turning to piracy in droves as Netflix tightens its screws on VPN and SmartDNS services. The country’s Netflix users are clearly agitated and frustrated over what they perceive as the company’s unfair decision to block its content from reaching Canada from across the border even when the customers are willing to pay for it.

  • Australian Government Agency Recommends Using VPNs To Reduce Piracy

    While streaming companies like Netflix have started blocking VPN users, Australia’s Productivity Commission has recently given thumbs up to the use of such services. The government agency recently published a 600 page Intellectual Property Arrangements draft report which covers patent and copyright issues along with a host of other things.

  • Netflix Working To Provide Similar Content Across The Globe

    Netflix has big plans to create a global version of its streaming service where subscribers from different parts of the world would be able to watch same content irrespective of their locations. The company attracted a lot of negative publicity and criticism recently because of its decision to ban unblocker services

  • Facebook Unveils A Feature To Block Imposter Accounts

    Social networking giant Facebook is rolling out a brand new feature that would help it to get rid of imposter accounts present on its website. As of now, it is incredibly easy for anyone to steal personal data and photos from others’ Facebook profiles and create new accounts based on that information.