VPN Articles and News
  • New Data Retention Law Threatens Privacy of German Citizens

    A new data retention law is threatening to undermine the privacy of millions of ordinary German citizens. The law was proposed in mid-2015 and was approved by both the houses of German parliament towards the end of last year. As per the provisions stated in the law, all the telephone and Internet Service providers within […]

  • 900 Million Android Devices Vulnerable To QuadRooter Security Flaw

    A new set of four Android vulnerabilities have been found which threaten the security of almost 900 million Smartphones and tablets. Dubbed as QuadRooter, the vulnerabilities were discovered by the security firm Check Point and were revealed to the general public during DEF CON 24 which was held in Las Vegas in the first week […]

  • Survey Shows 71 Percent Brits Prefer Faster Internet Over Online Security

    While security experts have been warning about the dangers associated with public Wi-Fi networks for quite some time now; there is still a noticeable lack of awareness regarding the issue among the general public. This was recently confirmed by the results of a survey which showed that as many as 71 percent of British people […]

  • How To Play Pokemon Go With A VPN?

    Pokemon Go is a blockbuster augmented reality game that has taken the world by storm. Developed by Niantic, Inc. in association with Nintendo, the game has been downloaded by over 130 million people since it was launched in July’ 2016. While the game has attracted its share of controversy for numerous security incidents and nuisance […]

  • A Single iMessage Can Now Hack Your iPhone Or Mac

    Security experts have come across a serious security vulnerability which allows hackers to compromise the security of Apple devices by sending just a single iMessage. Discovered by Tyler Bohan, a senior security researcher working for Cisco; the vulnerability is found in both OS X as well as iOS and is capable of infecting almost every […]

  • Cerber Ransomware Capable Of Morphing Every 15 Seconds Is On The Loose

    Online threats are continuously evolving and nothing demonstrates this more aptly than the recently discovered Cerber ransomware. The ransomware has not only become one of the most talked about security threats in a very short period of time, it now has the ability to come up with a new version of itself every 15 seconds! […]

  • Major DDoS Attack Against BitGo Shocks CryptoCurrency Community

    The cryptocurrency industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. From being an obscure mode of transaction accepted only by a handful of merchants, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins have become one of the favorite ways to transact anonymously on the web. As a matter of fact, there are over 200 cryptocurrencies […]

  • Malwares Finds News Ways To Compromise Android Security

    Researchers working at security firm Symantec recently discovered that notorious Android malwares Android.Bankosy and Android.Cepsohord have found new ways to defeat the operating system’s built-in security features. These two threats are well-known among the Android community since they are often used by criminals to steal passwords or to compromise the security and performance of Smartphones […]

  • Edward Snowden Confirms That NSA Data Leak Is Real

    In mid-August, a group of hackers rattled the cybersecurity landscape by releasing a big cache of exploits that were allegedly stolen from the NSA. The leaked scripts and tools exposed how the NSA was compromising the security of products created by Cisco, Juniper and Fortinet as well as demonstrated how the agency was attacking other […]

  • TeamViewer Introduces Safety Features After Suffering A Massive Security Breach

    TeamViewer has introduced new safety features for its services after suffering a massive data breach in early June. The company’s Remote Desktop Service, one of the most popular remote desktop, web conferencing, desktop sharing and file transfer services on the web which is installed on over one billion devices; was recently used to hijack users’ […]