VPN Articles and News
  • USB Ethernet Adapter Can Steal OS Passwords

    The security researcher Rob Fuller has uncovered a straightforward but highly dangerous method which allows attackers to gain access into Windows and Mac (and possibly Linux) based computers. As per the details published by him on his blog, it is possible to connect to a locked computer system and steal its login credentials through a […]

  • Linux Vulnerability Affects 1.4 Billion Android Devices

    Security researchers working for San Francisco based security firm Lookout Inc. have come across a major security bug which affects 80% of Android devices currently in use (over 1.4 billion Smartphones and tablets). The vulnerability is said to occur because of a kernel flaw (CVE-2016-5696) present within the Linux operating system. The flaw made into […]

  • Adult Network Brazzers Hacked, 800,000 User Accounts Stolen

    Hacking of big and popular websites has now become a routine occurrence. In early September, popular adult network Brazzers became the target of a data breach when it came to light that hackers were trying to sell as many as 800,000 user accounts associated with its sites on the dark web. The leak is highly […]

  • Criminals Hacking Into Buy Orders Of Businesses Via Emails

    Atlanta based security firm SecureWorks Inc. has come across a disturbing trend that is sure to unnerve businesses from all over the world. As per the data collected by the firm, cyber criminals are increasingly hacking into purchase orders via emails to commit fraud and theft. These types of business email scams are not only […]

  • Shade Ransomware Uses RAT Feature To Spy on High-Profile Victims

    The notorious Shade ransomware has just become a lot more dangerous thanks to the addition of RAT (Remote Access Trojan) feature into it. Security researchers analyzing the latest version of the ransomware were surprised to discover that the program now comes bundled with a modified version of TeamViewer remote desktop sharing program. This would allow […]

  • How To Watch Sling TV From Outside US?

    Sling TV is an online streaming service offered by the Dish Network. The service is really popular among the streaming community since it allows its users to watch premium TV channels without subscribing to expensive cable TV packages. Sling TV made its debut in February’ 2015 and it has managed to gain 750,000+ subscribers during […]

  • Gugi Banking Trojan Bypasses Android 6 Security Via Social Engineering

    A rather new banking trojan has managed to defeat the anti-phishing and anti-ransomware features introduced in Android 6. The Gugi trojan, which was discovered in late 2015 by the security firm Kaspersky, tricks users into giving admin privileges to it via social engineering. As of now, the trojan is most active in Russia with 93 […]

  • ExpressVPN Launches Service In The Tor Network

    VPN major has become the first VPN service provider to have a presence within the Tor network and launch its very own .onion website (Expressobutiolem.onion). The move is directed towards people living in high-censorship countries as well as those who want more privacy while using the Tor service. Although some VPN providers do offer VPN+Tor […]

  • Google Nougat Will Come Bundled With Always-On VPN

    Google has decided to ramp up the security of its mobile ecosystem with the launch of Android 7.0 (also known as Android Nougat). The new Operating System boasts of a huge number of security-centric features that will not only keep your precious data secure but also keep security threats and hackers away. While some of […]

  • NSA Theft Unnerves Cybersecurity Industry

    The theft of NSA’s cyber weapons has unleashed an earthquake in the cybersecurity landscape. The entire episode began when hackers belonging to the “Shadow Brokers” group released information (as well as bits and pieces of code) regarding the theft on their Tumblr page. The target of the hack was the “Equation Group” which was unmasked […]

  • NSA Hacked, Cyber Weapons Stolen By Hackers

    A group of hackers calling themselves “The Shadow Brokers” claim to have carried out the ultimate hack! The group not only managed to infiltrate a group closely linked to NSA, it even managed to steal code of several cyber weapons that were earlier used to launch stealth attacks against other governments and organizations. The target […]

  • Windows Flaw Reveals Microsoft Account Details And VPN Credentials

    Security experts have come across a severe security flaw in Windows 8 and 10 that can leak Microsoft account details as well as VPN credentials used by the user to browse the internet. The vulnerability occurs due to the way new versions of Windows handle old authentication procedures that have been a part of the […]