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Arethusa VPN Review – No-Frills VPN Service

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Arethusa VPN is brought to you by Black Lagoon Internet Limited which is a Seychelles based company. Established in 2010, the company offers free and paid secure VPN plans to its customers. In this detailed Arethusa review, we will check all the features of the service and decide if it is worth subscribing.

Server Locations and Site Access

Arethusa VPN has servers in 7 different countries – United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Luxembourg and Ukraine. While the company does not have a presence in Asian and Latin American countries, its service would allow you to bypass censorship from all locations and unlock premium local content from the above mentioned 7 countries. As soon as you activate your Arethusa VPN account you would be able to access services like Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, YouTube and Vonage from restrictive corporate networks as well as from countries like China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Brazil, Bahrain and Kuwait. What’s more, with so many servers at your disposal, you would be able to unlock premium sites like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, iTV Player, NBC, CBS, CTV, NFL, MLB, Hulu, Amazon Prime, ABC, CWTV, Demand 5, 4OD, Lovefilm, Xfinity, Vudu, Spotify, Rara and MTV regardless of your present country or location. The company allows unlimited server switching between its servers so you can unlock premium local sites from multiple countries by subscribing just once.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

Arethusa VPN offers unmetered traffic plans to its customers. The high VPN speed available with every Arethusa plan makes it easy to make long VOIP calls, download unlimited files, play online games and stream TV shows and movies in full high definition. The company permits peer to peer sharing from few servers so you can use the service to anonymize your bittorrenting activities.

Privacy Settings

Arethusa VPN offers matchless security through OpenVPN and PPTP protocols. The OpenVPN plan is ideal for extra security required for banking, social networking and financial activities whereas the PPTP protocol offers a slightly lower level of security but a very high level of compatibility. The service protects all online activities (emailing, messaging, FTP, VOIP and browsing) plus it offers a secure hotspot protection to keep your personal details safe while using Wi-Fi connections at airports, public parks, coffee shops, hotels and libraries.

The company does not store traffic data of its customers. However, the company stores connections details for a period of 7 days to keep their network in the best possible shape. For users connecting to the French servers, the company stores connection timestamp as well as real and company assigned IP addresses for a period of 1 year to comply with the French laws. The company does not hand over user data to anyone unless it is compelled to do so by the courts or law enforcement agencies.

Supported Operating Systems

The service is compatible with a large variety of devices including Windows, Mac OSX, Linux based computers, iPads, iPhones and Android based smartphones and tablets. Moreover, since the service can be configured on DD-WRT based routers, it can be used with Smart TVs, consoles (XBox 360, PS 3) as well as other compatible devices. Although the company does not offer proprietary VPN software, it is easy to configure the VPN service on almost any device due to helpful instructions available on the company’s website and forum.

Customer Support

The company offers customer support through its forum and a ticket based support system. Before you contact the support staff with your support queries, it makes sense to search the forum since answers to all kinds of VPN errors are already available there. You can also post your support query on the forum and someone from the support staff will respond to your question within a reasonable time.

Pricing Options

Arethusa premium plans are available from 5 Euros a month. The company offers a free trial with 1 GB monthly bandwidth limit that can be used to test the service. Although no account is needed for using the Ukraine based free server, the trial service can be used only for browsing activities. The company does not offer refunds so you should use the trial server to get an idea about the capabilities of the service.

Final Verdict

Overall, Arethusa offers a decent VPN service. While the company does not have servers in many geographical areas, it offers an unlimited duration trial account as well as good speeds with its premium plans. So if you are looking for a no-frills VPN service that delivers the goods, don’t forget to check the VPN plans from Arethusa. For more information, please visit: www.arethusa.su.

July 19, 2013

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