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Aniscartujo VPN Review – A No-Frills VPN Service

Monday, September 15th, 2014

Aniscartujo is an IT service provider that provides VPN and proxy solutions to customers. The team behind Aniscartujo has more than 10 years of experience in delivering custom IT solutions to businesses and individuals. In this article, we will review Aniscartujo’s VPN service and reveal whether it is worth subscribing.

Server Locations & Site Access

Aniscartujo has VPN gateways in just one country – United States. While the lack of choice of server locations is definitely disappointing, the service makes it really easy for American expats, tourists and students (not to mention people from other countries) to unlock US-only local services and streaming websites from abroad. With your Aniscartujo VPN subscription, you would be able to unblock premium services such as Hulu, ABC Player, Netflix, NBC, NHL, HBO Go, FOX, Pandora, Amazon Instant Videos, Vevo, Xfinity, USA Network, Vudu, MTV, CWTV, MLB, TNT and CBS from any location in the world. What’s more, the service can be used to unlock frequently blocked websites (such as Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, GTalk, YouTube, Skype) at workplaces, schools and even countries where the level of censorship is very high (for instance, China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Qatar and Thailand).

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

Aniscartujo VPN doesn’t come with speed or bandwidth limits. The company’s servers are connected to 1 GBit lines so you can stream HD movies and TV shows, use VOIP and video conferencing facilities, play multiplayer games and download lots of content without worrying about buffering, slowdowns or monthly quotas.

Privacy Settings

Aniscartujo delivers its privacy service via PPTP and OpenVPN protocols. The service relies on tunneling and data encryption to protect your online sessions (including browsing, ICQ, Emailing and VOIP activities) from all types of surveillance, snooping and security threats. Additionally, the service provides protection from data, monetary and identity theft by securing your public wireless sessions from hackers and sniffing tools.

Aniscartujo has not published its logging policy on its official portal. The company claims to deliver 100% anonymous service since it doesn’t ask for email address or any other kind of personal data during the signup process. However, it must be kept in mind that most VPN companies do co-operate with law enforcement agencies and court requests so it is advisable not to use the service for unlawful or banned activities.

Supported Operating Systems

Aniscartujo VPN works with Windows, Mac OS/X, Linux, iOS and Android. The company supplies its own application to all new customers that can be installed and used to anonymize online sessions. The service doesn’t require any additional configuration so even tech challenged people can start using it within no time.

Customer Support

Aniscartujo provides customer support only through a ticket based support system. Since the company has not published any type of troubleshooting information on its website (in fact, Aniscartujo VPN site consists of just one page), you may need to contact the support staff even for trivial issues.

Pricing Options

Aniscartujo VPN service is available for 4.95 Euros per month. The company accepts payments only through PayPal and Bitcoins(you don’t need a PayPal account to subscribe). Since the company doesn’t need personal information during signup and accepts payments through bitcoins, it is possible to subscribe and use the service totally anonymously. The company doesn’t offer free trials or refunds so it is not possible to test the service for free.

Final Verdict

Overall, Aniscartujo doesn’t seem like a serious VPN player. While the service does have its advantages (100% anonymity; zero configuration service), it lacks the advanced features that are available with most VPN services. We recommend the service only to people who need a US IP address or those who are looking for a no-frills VPN service. For more information, please visit: www.aniscartujo.com/vpn.

September 15, 2014

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