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AlwaysVPN Review – Prepaid Bandwidth VPN Service

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

AlwaysVPN is a well established VPN service provider. Launched in 2008, the service is brought to you by a United States based company. In this exhaustive AlwaysVPN review, we will evaluate the features offered by the service and decide if it is worth subscribing.

Server Locations and Site Access

AlwaysVPN has its VPN servers in just one country, United States of America. While the lack of servers in other important VPN markets is indeed disappointing, the service is ideal for those who wish to access local content from USA or circumvent censorship and monitoring measures implemented by their organization or ISP. By subscribing to AlwaysVPN’s service, you would be able to access Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Gmail and Youtube from your school, organization or regions like China and Middle East as well as unlock premium US based services like Hulu, Pandora, Amazon Instant videos, CBS, HBO Go, NBC, NFL, MLB, ABC Player, Netflix and MTV from any country in the world.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

AlwaysVPN offers fixed bandwidth plans to its subscribers. Regardless of the amount of bandwidth that you purchase, you will experience very high speeds without any kind of delays or throttling. Due to the speed advantage, the service is ideal for speed intensive activities like downloading, streaming movies and TV shows, VOIP and online gaming.

Privacy Settings

AlwaysVPN delivers excellent anonymity and privacy through the OpenVPN protocol. Since OpenVPN offers very high level of encryption, your personal and financial information such as passwords, bank account numbers and social account details remain safe from the prying eyes of government, ISPs, hackers and criminals. The service even offers excellent protection for Wi-Fi connections and helps you to secure your wireless session while accessing the internet through unprotected wireless hotspots at coffee shops, airports, public parks, hotels and libraries. Moreover, unlike proxies, the service secures all online activities like FTP, messaging, emailing, VOIP etc.

AlwaysVPN respects the privacy of its customers and does not hand over user information to anyone unless it is compelled to do so by law enforcement agencies.

Supported Operating Systems

AlwaysVPN is compatible with Windows (7, Vista and XP), Mac OS X (10.4 +) and Linux (Ubuntu) based computers. Since OpenVPN also works on certain mobile operating systems (such as Android) through custom apps, it is possible to use the service from Smartphones and tablets running on compatible operating systems. The company offers a custom installation package for Windows and Ubuntu devices. For Mac based computers, you need to install the Tunnelblick utility first and then configure the service on your system. You can also opt for manual setup and configure the service on your system by referring to the step by step guide available on the company’s official site. Regardless of the operating system or the type of setup, it should not take more than few minutes to configure and start using the service.

Customer Support

The company offers customer support through a forum and email based ticket system. If you face recurring technical or connectivity problems, it is advisable to search the forum before contacting the support staff since answers to many common technical issues are already available there.

Pricing Options

AlwaysVPN offers unlimited speed, prepaid bandwidth plans starting from $8.5 (for 5 GB bandwidth). It is also possible to purchase the bandwidth in higher denominations such as $15 for 10 GB, $26 for 10 GB, $33 for 40 GB and $47 for 80 GB so that you don’t run out of bandwidth while travelling abroad. Since there are no monthly commitments, you pay only for the actual bandwidth used and do not have to pay a recurring fees just to keep your account alive. The company offers a 14 day money back guarantee and will refund your money if you have used less than 200 MB of bandwidth.

Final Verdict

Overall, AlwaysVPN serves its purpose. While the company does not have VPN servers outside US and supports only the OpenVPN protocol, it delivers great speeds and unmatched security through its service. So if you are looking for an excellent pay-as-you-go VPN service, check the subscription options available with AlwaysVPN. For more information, please visit: www.alwaysvpn.com.

July 17, 2013

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