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AirVPN Review – A Path Breaking VPN Service

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

AirVPN is a secure VPN service that is brought to you by a team of activists who strongly favor internet privacy and net neutrality. Established in 2010, the service is brought to you by an Italian company. In this thorough AirVPN review, we will evaluate all the features of the service and decide if it is worth the subscription price.

Server Locations and Site Access

AirVPN has servers in 13 different countries including United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Romania and Singapore. The wide choice of server location makes it easy to unlock premium services from the above countries such as Netflix, Zattoo, Spotify, MTV, Fox, BBC iPlayer, Mio TV, Hulu, Amazon Instant videos, ABC, HBO On Demand, iTV, Rai TV, Rara, Eurosport, NFL, MLB, Demand 5, 4OD, Canal+, Viasat as well as others that are GEO-IP blocked and are available only within above countries. In addition, the service allows you to bypass all kinds of online firewalls and access your favorite sites like Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Skype, Google Voice, YouTube and Vonage from restrictive corporate networks and countries like China, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait that usually block social networking and video sites. The company permits unlimited server switching within its network so you can unlock local content from several countries at the price of one subscription plan.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

AirVPN does not restrict the speed and bandwidth available to its customers. The company delivers its service through high bandwidth servers that are located at Tier-1 datacenters in 3 different continents. The speed and bandwidth available is well suited for activities like downloading, VOIP, streaming movies and full episodes in full HD as well as online gaming. The company even permits P2P activities from few servers so it is possible to anonymize bittorrenting activities with the service.

Privacy Settings

AirVPN delivers 2048 bit RSA encryption through the OpenVPN protocol. The company has intentionally decided not to use low encryption protocols like PPTP and L2TP so that the customers get the highest possible security. The service creates a strong and secure tunnel around your online sessions which cannot be broken into even by ISPs and sophisticated hackers. The service is robust enough to protect all online activities like browsing, emailing, FTP, VOIP and messaging and provides security even at vulnerable Wi-Fi hotspots that have become a common sight at public parks, airports, malls, coffee shops and hotels.

The company does not monitor online sessions of its users. The company does collect connection details but that data is used only for maintaining their server network and troubleshooting server errors.

Supported Operating Systems

AirVPN works well with OpenVPN compatible systems like Windows (7, 8, Vista and XP), Linux and Mac. It is also possible to use the service from iPads, iPhones and Android devices through the OpenVPN Connect app. The service boasts of several innovative features like OpenVPN on ports 80 TCP/UDP, 443 TCP/UDP and 53 TCP/UDP; double-hops to avoid IP based geo-restrictions, VPN for Tor network, OpenVPN over SSH and SSL as well as remote port forwarding. However, the company has blocked port 25 to prevent email spamming and abuse. The company provides a custom VPN client known as AirVPN for Windows based devices but other systems require manual configuration. The manual setup is simple and painless since the company provides excellent setup instructions through its website and forum.

Customer Support

The company provides customer support through email and forum. The forum is packed with useful information and you can find answers to a lot of common VPN errors and technical problems there.

Pricing Options

AirVPN’s unlimited plans are available from 7 EUR for 30 days (1 EUR for 3 days, 15 EUR for 3 months, 30 EUR for 6 months and 54 EUR for 1 year). The company provides free trials on request and will also provide refund if the refund request is made within 3 days of signup and the bandwidth consumed is less than 5 GB.

Final Verdict

Overall, AirVPN is not a bad VPN service. The company offers a nice choice of VPN server locations and it also provides several innovative features that are not available elsewhere. So if you are looking for a path breaking VPN service that is miles ahead of the competition, check the offers from AirVPN today. For more information, please visit: www.airvpn.org.

July 25, 2013
  1. defjeff said on March 25, 2014 3:17 pm:

    I admire their dedication to privacy but AirVPN is an overpriced, mediocre VPN provider.

    Speeds are consistent but not great. Frequent drops.

    Their VPN client is too basic, extremely buggy and lacks a kill switch.

    Allowing only 1 connection at a time is lame. Can’t use your smartphone and laptop at the same time.

    They are quick to respond to customer service requests but can be quite indignant at times. I think it’s due to English being their second language.

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