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A Day Without Facebook

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Oh the horror! A day without Facebook. Could it really happen? In the grand scheme of things Facebook hasn’t really been here for that long. I still remember when I got my first invitation to join near the middle of 2004. Life was good back then. The Internet was near its peak and my friends and I were using a site called Friendster to “friend” and kind of stay in touch. Yes, Friendster was cool at the time, but it lacked the truly social features that Mark Zuckerberg and his team were able to capture with Facebook. It changed pretty much everything on how people interacted through a social network. And, in my opinion, life got better because of it.

With over 1 billion users as of mid-2012, Facebook is a roaring success despite what its current stock level depicts. It’s hard to believe that just under 8 years ago there wasn’t a Facebook. Nowadays even my dad has a Facebook account. Many of my friends even have Facebook accounts for their pets for crying out loud! The Facebook pages and activity for the Obama and Romney election to decide the next US President were ablaze last week. It really is amazing that for me Facebook was a better tool to keep up with the polls, and other trending world events than TV, radio, and even news websites.


Blocked by the “Great Firewall” of China

So could it happen? Could Facebook really be gone someday? The answer may be closer than you think. To test if Facebook works in China, just take a visit. You’ll quickly become painstakingly aware that sites like Facebook and Twitter are blocked in China through the “Great Firewall” that protects data transfer in and out of the country. You’ll also find similar restrictions on bringing your content in, as popular websites like Netflix or Hulu will block content per region.


Blocked by my Employer

There are other ways that one could witness a day without Facebook, as well. Many companies block their employees from Facebook due to productivity reasons. In some cases, you’ll also say goodbye to your favorite fantasy sports site. So if you want to make a waiver wire pickup, you might have to make other plans to pick up that hot player.


The Reality of Waiting

I guess for most, the solution is in time. Time to return to the country where Facebook is unblocked. Time to leave the office and return home where your employer is not restricting you of your Internet access. Yes, it’s true that most of us have been accustomed to all of our information at our hand and fingers almost at any time. However, if you really must access all of your sites that you want all of the time, you can always check out a VPN solution…. I guess all of the content you want and never missing a day of Facebook has its perks too….


November 12, 2012

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