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Cotse VPN Review – A US Based VPN Solution

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

Cotse is a subsidiary of Packetderm LLC which is a privately held company based in US. The company has been offering privacy services like advanced email, Proxies, SSH Tunneling and VPN since the year 1999 plus it also provides web hosting solutions to customers. In this Cotse VPN review, we will focus on Cotse’s VPN service and decide if it is worth the subscription price.

Server Locations & Site Access

As of now, Cotse has VPN servers only within United States. The service can be used by US expats, tourists and students studying overseas to watch their favorite TV programs and streaming services that are blocked outside United States. In addition, the solution allows you to bypass stringent firewalls and censorship prevalent in foreign countries (Saudi Arabia, Iraq, China, Brazil, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Thailand), workplaces and schools. Here is just a small sample of websites and services that would become available to you through Cotse VPN:

Facebook, Hulu, Pandora, Twitter, ABC Player, HBO Go, Gmail, USA Network, Xfinity, Skype, Vevo, Amazon Prime, CWTV, MLB, CBS, Vudu, Facetime, TNT, MTV, Viber, Netflix, NHL, FOX and NBC.

VPN Speed & Bandwidth

Cotse delivers an unmetered VPN service to its subscribers. The service is well-suited for resource hungry activities like streaming of HD TV shows, downloading of big files, communicating through VOIP services and multiplayer online gaming. However, the provider prohibits P2P and file sharing activities within its network.

Privacy Settings

Cotse protects your online sessions with PPTP and OpenVPN protocols. While PPTP is not very secure, it works on most devices including computers, Smartphones, tablets and routers. The OpenVPN protocol is more secure but it works only on desktop computers. The service protects you from snoopers, eavesdroppers, identity thieves and hackers who are trying to monitor your online sessions or steal your personal or financial data. In addition, the service provides an efficient privacy solution for all kinds of online activities and not just your browsing sessions.

Cotse logs connection details (including IP address, bandwidth, timestamp) for a period of few days. However, the company does not share your personal data with marketers, third parties or law enforcement agencies unless it is compelled to do so by a valid US subpoena.

Supported Operating Systems

Cotse VPN works on most desktop and mobile devices including Windows (2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8), Mac OS X (10.4.x or higher), iPads, iPhones, Android, Windows Mobile, iPod Touch, Linux and routers. The company does not offer a dialer software so you have the option of configuring the service manually or using it through third party clients. With Cotse VPN, it is possible to secure iPads and iPhones through OpenVPN which is indeed a big plus.

Customer Support

Cotse provides customer support through email and IRC. The provider has also published lots of information on its website so you might be able to diagnose and resolve connectivity or speed issues on your own.

Pricing Options

Cotse VPN service costs $5.50 a month. The service can also be combined with other privacy services offered by Cotse (such as Internet shield, anonymous email etc.) at a nominal charge. The company offers one month worth of free service with every half-yearly subscription plus it also offers subscription rewards for referring the service (2 months of free subscription for every paid customer referred). The company provides 30 day money back guarantee so you have ample time to test all the features of the service.

Final Verdict

Overall, we were highly impressed with the privacy services offered by Cotse. Although the provider does not have VPN servers outside US, it does not compromise on performance or privacy in any way. So if you are looking for a highly secure VPN service from an established service provider, test drive Cotse VPN today. For more information, please visit: www.cotse.net.

November 26, 2014

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