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6 Ways to Improve Security on Your iPhone 5S

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

iPhone is the most sought after Smartphone on the planet. The desire to own an iPhone at any cost also makes the device more vulnerable to thefts and other types of security attacks. In this article, we will recommend some security tips to keep your iPhone 5S secure.

#1) Keep Your Firmware Up-to-date
Apple releases iOS updates and security patches from time to time so it is a good idea to check and update the firmware on a regular basis. If you choose not to update the firmware, your iPhone could be exposed to security threats that are already patched but are still being exploited by hackers and criminals.

#2) Use the Touch ID
Touch ID is the biometric authentication system introduced by Apple in iPhone 5S. With a Touch ID authentication, you can unlock your phone with your fingerprint and since no two persons have the same set of fingerprints, criminals won’t be able to unlock your phone even if gets stolen. Touch ID also allows you to migrate to stronger passcodes that are required only after rebooting or failing touch ID check 5 times. For enhanced security, you can also choose to erase your personal data when the passcode is entered incorrectly 10 times in a row.

#3) Keep Notifications Off
Apart from using Touch ID (or a strong passcode), you should also turn off notifications from getting displayed when the iPhone is in the locked mode. This will prevent eavesdroppers and snoopers from reading your important messages as well as prevent your friends from using features like Siri when you are away from your phone.

#4) Keep Your Data Safe
Ok, this sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s easy to do nothing. You can keep your personal data safe on your iPhone just by tweaking certain privacy settings. For instance, you could use 2 step authentication for apps so that even if someone gets hold of your iPhone, she/he won’t be able to use it for malicious purposes. Similarly, it is a good idea to use the private browsing feature while surfing the web since it will prevent others from stealing your data from the browser cache.

#5) Disable Bluebooth and Wi-Fi
It is highly recommended to turn-off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features when not in use since they can transmit malicious data on your iPhone without your knowledge. While iPhone is an extremely secure device, it cannot protect you against data theft occurring on unsecured wireless networks. Since the Wi-Fi hotspots available at malls, airports and coffee shops use a primitive level of security, it is advisable not to log into your email account, shop online or use social networking websites through such networks. However, you can protect yourself from almost all types of security attacks happening through unsecured wireless networks by subscribing to a privacy solution such as a Virtual Private Network.

#6) Prepare Against Theft
Although no iPhone owner would want to lose his phone to thieves, it is a good idea to remain prepared for such a possibility. For starters, you could backup your data though iCloud Backup, use Find My iPhone app to track your phone when it gets stolen and use the Erase iPhone feature to remote wipe your personal data from your phone.

May 15, 2014

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