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6 Simple Steps To Unlock ‘The Simpsons’ From Outside US

Saturday, November 9th, 2013

The Simpsons is the longest running sitcom series in the American television history. The series, which first premiered in December’ 1989, was developed by Matt Groening for the Fox Network. The Simpsons has won dozens of awards (including Emmy, Annie and Peabody awards) since its inception and its lead characters have become major cultural icons. The series has also evolved into a major franchise which has been adapted for video games, comics, feature film, books and even a theme park ride. The Simpsons was renewed for its 25th season recently and made its season debut in September’ 2013.

The series explores the adventures of The Simpsons, a working-class family living in the fictional town of Springfield. Homer Simpson is the patriarch of the family who works as a safety inspector and lives with his wife and three kids. Homer’s wife, Marge, tries to maintain peace and order in the house by providing a moral ground to the family members. As far as the kids are concerned, Bart is mischievous; Lisa is intelligent and vegetarian while young Maggie conveys her thoughts through a pacifier. The series is known for its use of subversive humor and satire which pokes fun at each and every thing in sight.

The Simpsons Broadcast And Availability

In America, The Simpsons is telecast exclusively on the Fox TV Channel. The latest episodes of the series are also available on the web through the Fox portal (fox.com/thesimpsons). However, due to licensing restrictions, the availability of online episodes is restricted just within United States. Even if US expats or tourists try to access the show from abroad, they just see the message – “The video you are attempting to watch is only available to viewers within the US, US territories, and military bases”.

Why Is The Simpsons Series Not Available Online Outside USA?

In order to distribute The Simpsons outside America, Fox has signed content sharing and distribution agreements with several international TV channels and content providers. As a part of content sharing deals, Fox must restrict the availability of the show only within US territories. To enforce these rules online, Fox needs to identify the location of visitors through their IP addresses and prevent viewers with non-US IP address from accessing the episodes of the show.

How To Watch The Simpsons Online From Anywhere?

In order to watch The Simpsons from an overseas location, you first need to get a US IP address through an IP changing service. There are hundreds of Proxy and VPN providers online that can provide US based IPs but only VPNs can deliver high speeds and privacy required for unlocking streaming shows online. Here are the simple steps needed to unlock The Simpsons from outside USA with a VPN:

Step 1: Subscribe to a fast and unlimited US VPN plan offered by providers like HideMyAss, IPVanish, ExpressVPN, Kepard or StrongVPN. These VPN vendors are well-known for the reliability of their service and are well-positioned to deliver ultra fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth.

Step 2: Download and install the VPN software (if available) on your system. Most big VPN companies offer VPN clients for Windows and Mac but a manual setup is needed for mobile devices and other operating systems (such as Linux).

Step 3: Save the connection details and apply the changes. For custom installations, you may also need to restart the machine. In addition, remember to close and restart the Fox app on your Smartphones and tablets so that it can use the latest network setting.

Step 4: Once the setup is complete, test the service by clicking on the Connect option or by clicking the desktop icon. The time required to connect to the server would depend on many factors such as your location and internet speed so be patient while the service makes a connection.

Step 5: Remember to switch to a US based VPN server if you don’t get a US IP after connecting to the VPN. A lot of VPN companies have servers across the globe and some of them even have their default server outside America so it is indeed a possibility that your initial IP address may not be from US. In such an event, just browse through the list of available VPN servers and choose a US server located near your present address as your VPN server of choice.

Step 6: Visit the Fox website and click on The Simpsons episode names to unlock them. In order to unblock the episodes on a mobile device, remember to close and restart the official Fox app after changing your Smartphone’s or tablet’s IP address. Congratulations, you now have the power to watch The Simpsons from any location in the world.

November 9, 2013

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