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5 of the Best VPN providers for Bittorrenting Activities

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Bittorrenting is a great way to download and share content. If you would like to use the service while hiding your P2P sessions from your ISP, VPN might be a good choice for you. One of the easiest ways to shield your torrenting and P2P sessions from the higher authorities is to subscribe to a P2P friendly VPN service. In no particular order, here are some of the best VPN providers that allow bittorrenting activities through their network:

VPN4ALL is a Seychelles based service provider that has been offering VPN services since 2009. The company has VPN servers in 39 countries and it allows torrenting activities from gateways located in Russia, Germany, Romania, China, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The company logs bandwidth usage per customer but it doesn’t capture IP address or any other personally identifiable data. In addition, since the company offers military grade encryption to customers, your data and privacy remains secure at all times. VPN4ALL’s torrenting plan is available for $16.95 per month plus the company also offers a 100 MB free trial. For more information, please visit: VPN4ALL.com.

2) BTGuard
BTGuard is a well-known VPN and proxy service provider that offers support for P2P activities. The company is headquartered in Canada and its VPN gateways are located in Amsterdam, Toronto and Singapore. The great thing about the service is that it doesn’t log IP addresses or any other type of traffic usage details and since there are no data retention laws in Canada, your personal data remains safe at all times. The company has excellent infrastructure (servers connected to 10Gbit nodes) in place to support streaming, VOIP, downloading and of course P2P activities. BTGuard VPN plans are available from $9.95 a month and there are discounts available for term plans. For more information, please visit: BTGuard.com.

3) TorGuard
Torguard is a Florida based security company that offers proxy, VPN, SmartDNS and secure email solutions to its customers. The company has VPN servers in 27 different countries and it allows torrenting activities through many of its gateways. Although the company is based in US, it doesn’t log any traffic activity so you would be able to share and download P2P content with total privacy. The company boasts of Gigabit+ nodes and protects customer data with up to 256 bit encryption to deliver optimum speeds and high level of privacy at all times. TorGuard VPN costs $9.95 per month (term discounts available) plus the company even offers a 30 day money back guarantee. For more information, please visit: Torguard.net.

4) Invisible Browsing VPN (ibVPN)
ibVPN is a Romania based privacy service with a strong tolerance for bittorrenting activities. The company boasts of VPN gateways in 22 countries and allows P2P activities from its Luxembourg, Netherlands and Canada based servers. The company logs bare minimum connection details (bandwidth, time, duration) but it doesn’t capture any personally identifiable information. ibVPN’s torrenting plan costs just $4.95 per month plus the company also has a 15 day refund policy in place. For more information, please visit: ibVPN.com.

5) BolehVPN
BolehVPN is a service provider from Malaysia that offers privacy and hosting solutions to its subscribers. The company has deployed its servers in US, UK, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Canada and Luxembourg and it permits P2P activities from all non-US and non-UK servers. The company does not log traffic activity plus it protects customer data with 256 bit encryption. BolehVPN’s VPN plans cost $10 per month plus the company even offers trial accounts upon request. For more information, please visit: BolehVPN.com.

Note: downloading copyrighted material is a crime. Do not download illegal content, or you may be found accontable.

May 14, 2014
  1. vpn server address for hotspot shield said on June 28, 2014 8:53 am:

    As a novice user of cryptohippie I have a question about sending and receiving Emails using cryptohippie. I know that while sending when connected the message is encrypted and goes through the VPN to the recipient. My question is when the recipient, who doesn’t have cryptohippie, replies to my Email is his reply to me encrypted through the VPN I established or is it sent to me unencrypted and thus visible to a hacker? In other words, if I am connected to cryptohippie, will Emails sent to me from non users be visible to hackers?

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